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Hip-Hop Blog Collateral Damage in Government’s “War On Piracy”?

With all this talk about SOPA and PIPA, JTMP has learned that the hip-hop blog site OnSmash.com, a site featuring agents and promotional music, was shut down by the government in November of 2010, with an affidavit alleging it had facilitated copyright infringement. The founder soon opened up a new domain, FreeOnSmash.com. Some are saying this is an example of collateral damage in the government's overzealous "war on piracy".

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Sites “Go Dark” to Protest SOPA

JAN 18, 2012 – MichaelMoore.com, and many other sites, have "gone dark" today to protest the proposed "anti-piracy" bill currently being considered in congress. On Michael Moore's website, your mouse cursor becomes a spotlight, and Moore's site says "We need to kill these bills to protect our rights to free speech, privacy and prosperity."

Opponents are worried about free speech rights, and the ramifications if this bill is passed. Activist musician Peter Gabriel will be taking his site down in protest against SOPA and said in a statement“This year is going to be a very crucial year for the fate of digital rights and freedoms on the internet. We strongly support the campaign against both the Protect IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act. For that reason our websites will be down from 05.00 GMT for 24 hours in support of the campaign. ”  Also, Jasiri X has come out against SOPA, and many other musicians. If you go to a website today and it won't come up or you get a black screen, this may be the reason.

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