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Rob Thomas Founds “Sidewalk Angels” to Rescue Animals

Musician and Wife Marisol Form Animal Advocacy Organization in 2003 AUG 25, 2015 – Musician Rob Thomas has released a new album “The Great Unknown” and has been making the round promoting it, and he is also taking the time to mention his 12-year-old organization called Sidewalk Angels that is an advocacy organization for stray…

Emmylou Harris Makes it a Mission From the Heart to Save Rescue Dogs

July 21, 2012 – One of my favorite singers, Emmylou Harris, has set up a non-profit called "Bonaparte's Retreat" to rescue dogs that are unadoptable and ran out of time at the shelter. She and her associates at the organization rescue the dogs sometimes literally at the last minute, and finds them permanent and loving homes.

The org is named after one of Emmylou's longtime animal companions that traveled with her for so many years, and she turned her Nashville backyard into a shelter for animals that needed rescue. Check out the website for Bonapate's Retreat here, and watch a great video from Today interviewing Emmylou and showing some of the rescued dogs below. (click on pic)

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