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Wyclef Jean wants Justice for Trayvon and to end profiling

APR 17, 2012 – Wyclef Jean has come out with a new song called "Justice (If You're 17)" calling for justice in the Trayvon Martin case, and speaking out against profiling which played a role in the shooting incident. Prescribed and J. Williams help him out on the track, with lines such as:

"If you're 17/And you're wearing a hoodie/You're on the phone/Talking to your shorty/Make no mistake/There's one like you/In every city/You know the story.”

A video to the song will be released on April 20, and JTMP will post it when it comes out. You can download and listen to the song on MediaFire for FREE here, and read an MSNBC Entertainment article about it here. Meanwhile, check out a collaborative short  below of "I AM" from the same trio. "The short deals with not only the Trayvon Martin case, but profiling globally" the video says.           (photo credit: adanbouzoua/Flickr)


Activist Musician Okanomode Composes “Song for Trayvon”

MAR 30, 2012 – The shooting death of Trayvon Martin was painful for Seattle-based musician Okanomode, and he could relate to the profiling that probably played a role in the death of Trayvon and tells JTMP, “I myself am a young black gay male growing up in America & know first hand what it's like to live in fear of attack by police or others who might fear me simply on the basis of both my blackness &  my gender expression, & i feel more than ever that community is so necessary in these painful times.” He was so moved by the event he composed "Song For Trayvon", check it out below.