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Musicians to Join Occupy Denver This Weekend

Denver Hip-hop artist Sole – Phot credit: HeyReverb.com

OCT 21, 2011 – Local musicians from the Denver area will join Occupy Denver this weekend, from hip-hop artist Sole to the Flobots. HeyReverb has a great article about it, and in it Bobby Rogers, aka King F.O.E. of BLKHRTS says, “Just seeing how dedicated and passionate people is awesome. People believe in the cause enough to sleep outside and risk getting arrested every single night. They’re doing that for us, so this is just a way for us to give back and have a good time. ”

Flobots – Photo credit: Thuja Soul Wiki

In the article Sole spoke about the whole Occupy movement, “When history is happening, it’s a tsunami — you can’t predict it. There’s no telling where we’re going to be in a month. One thing that’s clear, though, is that the lost generation are finally finding their voices. I never thought this would happen, and it’s incredibly inspiring. ”

Read the HeyReverb article here.

South Bronx Rappers RodStarz and G1 – Rebel Diaz Hope to Bring Hip Hop Into the Occupy Movement

OCT 20, 2011 – The rap duo group Rebel Diaz, comprised of RodStarz and G1, seek to bring Hip Hop into the liberal world of Occupy Wall Street. In a recent Wash Po article, RodStarz said, “We wanted to bring hip-hop to the white liberal table,” RodStarz says. “For the first time in a long time, large numbers of young white kids are no longer benefiting from the privileges of capitalism. Maybe they’re feeling what immigrants and poor communities have been feeling for years.”

They have launched the #occupytheairwaves campaign and made available for download 2 new songs, "Troy Davis Lives Forever" and "We the 99%" on their website here. Below is the duo performing live down on Occupy Wall Street on Democracy Now.


VIDEO – Emma’s Revolution: “Occupy the USA”

OCT 20, 2011 – Local DC area activist musicians Pat Humphries and Sandy O, known as Emma's Revolution, recently wrote a song in support of Occupy Wall Street and the other movements that have sprung up in thousands of cities across America. The song is called "Occupy the USA", and you can check out the song in a video below, performing at a anti-Tar Sands rally in Washington DC on October 7, 2011.

JTMP Attends March For Jobs & Justice to Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Oct 15, 2011 – JTMP attended the October 15 rally for jobs, justice and DC statehood at the Sylvan Theater near the Washington Monument in DC, which was then followed by a March For Jobs & Justice to the new and soon to be dedicated Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. It was a bright and sunny day in DC and we got some great pics. Check out our photo album from today on our Facebook Album by clicking here.

We will soon be posting video of the event so check back.

Music Activist Video: F**k The Fed by NealF

Musician activist NealF has made a music video called "F**k The Fed" that points out how the Federal Reserve is NOT a government institution like most people think, but actually a group of private banks that have been given the right by our government to print money, loan it to us, and then we pay them back with interest. This is more of the socialize the losses and privatize the gains mentality that angers so many Occupy Wall Street protesters. Watch his great video below.

Michael Franti Rocks Occupy Wall Street


Michael Franti, one of the top musical activists today, showed up at Occupy Wall Street and played music for the protesters in a support of solidarity and to energize and embolden the crowd. He wandered through the encampment, played with the drummers, and helped kick off the general assembly. Watch a video below:


Rapper Immortal Technique Speaks Out at Occupy Wall Street

Rapper Immortal Technique showed up at Occupy Wall Street in a show of solidarity, and spoke to RT and said, “People that are on Wall Street, people that are in the government, a lot of them are refusing . . . to acknowledge their responsibility in what’s causing all of this.”

Watch the RT interview below:


Kanye West Visits Occupy Wall Street

Photo Credit: CoupMedia.org

Rapper Kanye West visited Occupy Wall Street yesterday with music mogul Russell Simmons, in a show of solidarity against corporate greed. Russell Simmons has been very involved with the crowd at Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan for the past couple of weeks, even meditating with the crowd. Many think that Russell urged Kanye to come to the park with him and see it firsthand, no word yet on whether he may write a song in support of it later down the road, we will see.

Afterwards, Russell "Tweeted" positively about the visit:

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