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JTMP Takes Part in International Observe the Moon Night, Urges Interest and Funding for Sciences

SEP 24, 2012 – JTMP took part in the International Observe the Moon Night, where millions of people gathered around the world to observe the moon through telescopes, mostly comprised of amateurs in their backyard with small telescopes. The event hoped to spark interest in observing the moon, stars, and other celestial objects, and also to generate support funding for the sciences which is so important as a nation, which JTMP supports fully.

Also, the event was dedicated to Neil Armstrong, the first man to step foot on the moon and who passed away recently.  The moon is one of the most recognizable, familiar and easy objects to observe with a telescope, and it is always a good starting point for beginners to start their astronomical hobby. But, not on a full moon as one would suspect, but on the "quarters". A full moon is too bright and the details are washed out. Twice a month, the moon has phases called "quarters", and it is much better to view the moon. So, we all gathered on September 22, 2012 on the third quarter of this month's lunar phase, and pointed our telescopes skyward. Find out more on

If you are considering getting a telescope and looking at the moon, just make sure you get familiar with the telescope in the daytime, and set it up correctly and align the small finder scope with the large telescope; you can find out how here. If you get the alignment done before you go out at night, you will have better success. JTMP urges our followers to contact their state and federal representatives, and urge them to protect and expand funding for sciences in our classrooms, universities and government programs. Watch the video of my moon viewing here, but for better clarity get an amateur telescope yourself and check out the moon and stars!

NASA Lands “Curiosity” On Mars

August 6, 2012 – JTMP fully supports government investment in infrastructure and social services, but we also realize the need for the technological and other benefits that comes from other government investment; such as the wildly successful landing of the SUV-size "Curiosity" rover that the government-funded and run NASA organization pulled off yesterday. The scientific world is abuzz with excitement at the very risky landing of the new rover, that has many more tools and gadgets the the previous Mars rovers have had. The scientific and technological advances and data gathered will benefit humankind for years to come, perhaps even add or rewrite some of the scientific textbooks in our public schools on our understanding of the planet Mars and the universe we live in.

President Obama issued a statement on this historic and monumental scientific achievement, and said:

"Tonight, on the planet Mars, the United States of America made history.

The successful landing of Curiosity – the most sophisticated roving laboratory ever to land on another planet – marks an unprecedented feat of technology that will stand as a point of national pride far into the future. It proves that even the longest of odds are no match for our unique blend of ingenuity and determination.

Tonight’s success, delivered by NASA, parallels our major steps forward towards a vision for a new partnership with American companies to send American astronauts into space on American spacecraft. That partnership will save taxpayer dollars while allowing NASA to do what it has always done best – push the very boundaries of human knowledge. And tonight’s success reminds us that our preeminence – not just in space, but here on Earth – depends on continuing to invest wisely in the innovation, technology, and basic research that has always made our economy the envy of the world.

I congratulate and thank all the men and women of NASA who made this remarkable accomplishment a reality – and I eagerly await what Curiosity has yet to discover."

– President Obama, Aug 6, 2012

Watch NASA employees celebrate the landing of Curiosity and pictures from the Mars surface on NASA's website here, and to watch an awesome animation video about Curiosity, including the landing and its tools, check out this NASA video below. (photo credit: NASA/public domain)

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