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Mother Jones: Rapper Killer Mike Tells Bernie Sanders: “I Rap About a Lot of the Stuff You Rant About”

Killer Mike Interviews Presidential Candidate US Senator Bernie Sanders DEC 17, 2015 – Rapper Killer Mike, who recently gave a rousing speech at a Georgia rally last month, sat down and did a great interview of US Senator Bernie Sanders who is currently running for US President. Mike told Bernie, “I Rap About a Lot of the Stuff…


Rapper Killer Mike Endorses Bernie Sanders

Black Lives Matter Activist Gives Rousing Speech NIV 25, 2015 – Rapper and musical-activist Killer Mike, who has been heavily involved with the Black Lives Matter movement, gave a rousing speech at an Atlanta, Georgia rally 2 days ago strongly endorsing Bernie Sanders and the Progressive issues the Senator from Vermont and his campaign is…

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