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DC Central Kitchen Bringing Nutrition to “Food Deserts”

Fresh, Natural Vegetables and Fruit Offered at “Healthy Corners” July 27, 2015 – One of the biggest issues JTMP supports is overhauling our food system, from ending corporate welfare subsidies to large corporation “farms”, to expanding access to fresh and nutritious foods to the inner city “food deserts”, where there is often only small stores…

Video: “American Nitemare” by Rebel Diaz – Occupy the Airwaves

MAR 27, 2012 – Activist rapper Rebel Diaz has released a new song on Occupy the Airwaves with his new song, "American Nitemare", where he asks people from the inner city "not to leave when you get that degree" and saying we need to help the inner cities who are struggling, like planting trees, creating jobs and fixing the schools. The video was directed by Mateo Zapata, produced by DJ Dez Andres, and he was helped out by Windy City of God. Check it out below.

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