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2 Important Gubernatorial Elections Today

NOV 5, 2013 – 2 important gubernatorial elections will be held today, one in the commonwealth of Virginia and the other in New Jersey. 3 candidates face off in Virginia: Terry McAuliffe for the Democrats, Ken "Forced Ultrasounds" Cuccinelli for the Teabaggers…I mean the Republicans, and the Libertarians are running Robert Jarvis on the ticket. In New Jersey, Chris Christie for the Republicans will face off against the Democrat Barbara Buono. Also, New York City voters head to the polls to pick a new Mayor. Bill de Blasio the Democrat is running against the Republican nominee, Joe Lhota.

JTMP wants to remind our supporters that Governors appoint State Supreme Court Justices, and sometimes that appointment is for life! Many conservatives are using the states to ram through very anti-progressive policies; like getting the government in between a woman and her doctor and require by law he insert a ultrasound device up her vagina in an almost rape. Please pay attention to all elections and offices, especially local. Many progressive policies, like medical marijuana or gay marriage, can be blocked by a Governor and his cohorts he appoints on the State Supreme Court. So, if you live in New Jersey or Virginia, please VOTE!! JTMP urges our supporters to register to vote, keep your registration current, get informed, and vote in primaries and general elections; paying extra close attention to city councils, school boards and others that make decisions that affect your life!

To find your polling place in Virginia go here, to find a polling place in New Jersey go here, and to find your voting location in New York City go here. Please bring ID, voter registration card and anything else you might need to clear the voter suppression hurdles conservatives have put up recently. Don't let anyone stop you from voting!

Last Day to Register to Vote in Virginia’s 2013 Gubernatorial Election

OCT 15, 2013 JTMP strongly recommends that Americans pay extra close attention to local elections, such as state delegates, state representatives, city council members, board of education members and especially Governorships. Governors in some states appoint state supreme court justices, that serve for life in some instances, that will rule on issues such as forced ultrasounds on women to voting hurdles erected by state politicians. Virginia is one of those states that is very important when it comes to progressive values, and today is the last day to register to vote in Virginia's 2013 Gubernatorial election. JTMP recommends EVERYONE registers to vote, but especially if you live in Virginia please register to vote and take part in democracy; it is not a spectator sport. Register to vote in Virginia HERE, and if you live elsewhere find out how to register to vote HERE. For more information on the candidates running, start at Wikipedia here.

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