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Trump investigations: Georgia prosecutor ups anticipation

Another "we got him now" story. These stories are amped/pumped up by the media as an edge of your seat thriller. I still have doubts anything with come of the special purpose (cant indict, only report) grand jury.

Georgia special grand jury finishes probe of 2020 election

Special grand juries in Georgia cannot issue indictments but instead can issue a final report recommending actions to be taken. It is then up to the district attorney to decide whether to seek an indictment from a regular grand jury.

Decision Day: Warnock or Walker? Georgia On The Line

Georgia voters on Tuesday are deciding the country’s final Senate contest, choosing between Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican football legend Herschel Walker after a...

Republican hopes fade as Warnock momentum picks up in Georgia

Republicans are hoping for a surprise in the closely divided state, but their mood has turned grim about Herschel Walker's chances.Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel...

Herschel Walker Ex: He Attacked Me in a Rage

A former longtime girlfriend of Republican senatorial candidate Herschel Walker has come forward to detail a violent episode with the football star, who she believes is “unstable” and has “little to no control”


Epic Russia Is Collapsing Trends For Stunning 7th Time

Russia is collapsing is trending on X/Twitter for the...

Anna Indiana Impressive 2023 AI BOT Future Of Music

Anna Indiana AI BOT, the future of music.HighlightAnna Indiana...

Feeble Appeals Court Weighs DC Gag Order For Trump

Appeals court weighs DC gag order for Trump. It...

Kelsie Kimberlin Releases New Video “Turn Back” to support Ukraine, help those injured and to raise funds for reconstruction

My new video "Turn Back" is the third of the trilogy of videos I filmed in Ukraine in August, 2023. It has multiple meanings depending on the place in which you find yourself.