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Billboard: What Will President Trump Mean for Music?

Chuck D, David Crosby, Angie Martinez & Rapsody Weigh In JAN 10, 2017 – Musicians Chuck D and David Crosby, and Rapsody along with NY DJ radio personality Angie Martinez sit down with Billboard and Adelle Platon and Dan Rys to discuss President-Elect Trump, music, and what a Trump Presidency will mean to music. David…

Crosby and Nash Perform at Zuccotti Park in Support of Occupy

The visit to Zuccotti Park and impromptu acoustic guitar set by the legendary musical activists David Crosby and Graham Nash has generated a lot of buzz in the last 48 hours. Washington Post has a great article about it and music and Occupy here, and several more videos came out from their "concert" at Zuccotti Park.

David Crosby Visits Zuccotti Park in Support of Occupy

Photo Credit: Marcus Santos – NY Daily News

NOV 5, 2011 – David Crosby, a musical activist for over 50 years, briefly visited Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park yesterday. Perhaps like the song of his longtime bandmate Stephen Stills he was thinking, "Stop, Hey, what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down!", and he wanted to see what was going down at Zuccotti Park with his own eyes. It looked like a show of support, and the word on the street says he hovered around the edge of the park near the drummers before venturing in and talking several of the peaceful Occupy activists. Check out some more pictures here, and watch him below playing with his bandmates Stills and Nash performing the Buffalo Springfield classic, "For What It's Worth".

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