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Tennessee Town Is Renamed “Rocky Top”…For Now

MAY 22, 2014 -A southeastern town in Tennessee,┬áLake City (which has no lake),┬áhad its name changed to “Rocky Top” last year by the Tennessee General Assembly and the Governor Bill Haslam signed the legislation. The town did this to try and take advantage of the name of the famous country bluegrass song “Rocky Top”, for…

NBC News: “Copy Tracks” In Myanmar Mimic Popular Western Songs Note For Note

SEP 18, 2013 – NBCNews.com has an article up about the growing phenomenon of "copy tracks"; where musical acts in Myanmar copy popular songs note for note, putting their own words to it in their local language. Many of their fans think it is their song and are totally oblivious that some of these songs are from popular groups such as Metallica and Lady Gaga. The article also delves into the "censorship panels" set up by the Myanmar government to censor any entertainment or music they felt was "revolutionary, salacious or even overtly foreign" and how this climate gave rise to the "copy track" genre. The "biggest rock star alive in Myanmar", Lay Phyu, is interviewed about copy tracks and more in a very informative article by Patrick Winn on NBCNews.com here. Watch the copy track "Exits" by Lay Phyu below, (think Metallica's "Sandman") where Neoreborn Swe on YouTube has put some graphics to it using clips of the violent and bloody struggle for freedom against the military junta. Comments? Use our JTMP Facebook Page and start a conversation!

WARNING: This video is very graphic.

Larry Iser on Politico: Ask Musicians Before Using Their Songs For Political Campaigns

July 6, 2012 – Larry Iser, a music attorney who has been involved in many copyright cases, has an Op-Ed in Politico this morning about political campaigns getting into hot water for using a musician's music who does not agree with the candidate's policies. Seems Mitt Romney was using K'naan's song "Wavin' Flag" and was told to please cease and desist last February during the Republican primaries, along with Newt and others for other songs. Mr. Iser stresses to the candidate's and their campaigns to ASK FIRST, and respect the copyrights of the artists. Check out the Politico article here. (Photo credit: David Shankbone)

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