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Joe Bonamassa Forms Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation

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August 7, 2013 - One of my favorite guitarists right now that is keeping the blues alive, is Joe Bonamassa. Joe loves the blues so much he has formed a non-profit called, "Keeping the Blues Alive", an organization that donates instruments to schools, repairs instruments, and many other projects aimed at teaching young people the great tradition of blues and honoring the American heritage of this great musical genre. They work hard and keeping school musical programs going, at a time when school musical programs are facing cuts and even cancelations. To create buzz and awareness for his organization, he has launched a "Win this Stevie Ray Vaughn Signature Guitar" contest, where anyone can enter to win a fabulous Fender Stratocaster, Stevie's favorite guitar. Stevie Ray Vaughn is a huge inspiration to Joe, as he is to a lot of people, and this is to honor one of the greatest blues guitarists of all times.

Check out the Keeping The Blues Alive Website here, and to enter the contest to win the Stevie Ray Vaughn Signature Stratocaster Guitar, go here. Meanwhile, check out one of the kids his organization is helping, a 16-year-old kid named Tallan Noble Latz playing "The Sky is Crying" below from his YouTube Channel.

Fender Music Foundation has guitars signed by musicians and a President

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MAY 10, 2012 - The Fender Music Foundation, whose mission is to assure "music is available to everyone in the communities that they serve", has received another signed guitar to their autographed guitar collection donated by artists and celebrities.

Tom Morello signed guitar 1 tagTom Morello, aka The Nightwatchman, who has been active in the Occupy music arena recently has signed and donated a sweet Fender Kingman SCE dreadnought acoustic guitar. It can be yours too, all you have to do is donate $2,100 to the foundation and the bad boy is yours! All the funds will all go to benefit the Fender Music Foundation to help spread music! While you are there, you can get a guitar signed by Tom Petty, Vince Gill, and even President Jimmy Carter!

Wanna know more? Check out an intro to the Fender Music Foundation video below, and their website with testimonials of the awesome work they are doing is here.


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