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Calling All Crows Brings Fans and Musicians Together in Activism

Current “Forced to Flee” Tour Focuses on Refugees MAR 3, 2015 – Activist-musician Chadwick Stokes grew up listening to ’60s antiwar protest music on vinyl, and they became his heroes and shaped not only his music but also who he is as a person. In 2008 Stokes, together with your manager Sybil Gallagher, took their hunger…

Musician Chadwick Stokes Works Against Death Penalty and Urges Service and Activism

MAR 23 – Activist musician Chadwick Stokes uses his music and activism to help change the world. Hailing from the west coast, Stokes helped start a project called Calling All Crows, which helps out the community such as weeding a public garden, painting a half-way house, or helping out a women's shelter. Recently he met Troy Davis' sister while Troy was awaiting execution, and wrote a song "All My Possessions" after befriending him. He led a protest all the way up to the night of the execution, and vows to continue fighting against executions. Currently he is working with Amnesty International and State Radio through Calling All Crows to try and stop the execution of Reggie Clemons in Missouri. To join the campaign head over to CallingAllCrows.com.

One of the campaigns they are doing is called "Alternative Break Tours", where they urge musicians and especially their fans to go by foot, bike, bus or train to help out in a hands-on activism effort by being involved in a community service project in their area. It's a great way to start out in activism, so check out the Calling All Crow's Alternative Break Tour page.

Listen to "All My Possessions" below, and check out a great article with an interview of Stokes over at HermosaBeach.Patch.com.

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