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RS: Roger Waters Begins Trump Resistance in ‘Pigs’ Live Video

JAN 23, 2017 – Roger Waters comes charging out of the gate to lead an “Anti-Trump Resistance” and fight President Trump’s policies and agenda. Rolling Stone has a good piece upĀ featuring a video performance of him doing his masterpiece “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” in Mexico City heavily laying into Trump and his policies. Animals was…

Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler and Joe Perry hang out with Sea Shepherd!

MAY 1, 2013 – Joe Perry and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith spent the day with the crew of my heroes, the Sea Shepherd crew. They were joined by their band historian John, and got a tour of all 3 ships. The Sea Shepherd society battles illegal whaling by the Japanese, and also battle other people who kill whales senselessly and needlessly such as Faroe Island (or the Ferocious Island as we call it) who murder whales in cold blood in a sick hunt. They put their lives on the line to protect whales and all sorts of other marine life, and their exploits can be seen on TV on one of my favorite shows, Whale Wars on Animal Planet. Check out pics and more info on Omar Todds blog on WhoSay.com here, and check out the Sea Shepherd website here.  (photo credit: Tim Waters)

GWAR Teams up With Peta to Stop Fur Trade

APR 3, 2013 – The satirical heavy metal rock band GWAR has teamed up with Peta to speak out against the fur trade, and to try and put an end to this horrible practice. Thrash Magazine has a great post up by PAHKMYCAH that talks about how they have "new line of one-of-a-kind of fur-free accessories". JTMP also stands with GWAR and Peta, and strongly calls for an end to the horrible fur farms and the fur trade, and stop this cruelty against animals.  (photo credit: CC/Mark Marek)

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Emmylou Harris Makes it a Mission From the Heart to Save Rescue Dogs

July 21, 2012 – One of my favorite singers, Emmylou Harris, has set up a non-profit called "Bonaparte's Retreat" to rescue dogs that are unadoptable and ran out of time at the shelter. She and her associates at the organization rescue the dogs sometimes literally at the last minute, and finds them permanent and loving homes.

The org is named after one of Emmylou's longtime animal companions that traveled with her for so many years, and she turned her Nashville backyard into a shelter for animals that needed rescue. Check out the website for Bonapate's Retreat here, and watch a great video from Today interviewing Emmylou and showing some of the rescued dogs below. (click on pic)

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