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Musician and Artist Linda Rosch composes song for “Small Planet”

Here is "Small Planet", a song and video composed by local DC musician Linda Rosch, and she explained to JTMP what the song is all about, read below.

"We are 'Learning to Love' from the Planet we're "Travelling on……….” is a very 'delicate way of saying'   the Earth is Teaching the Human Race to Cross Over into the New Paradigm — the Paradigm of Cooperation as a ruling "ethos" for humanity, ABOVE competition. In my view, the Planet isn't really "Teaching" us to "Love."  It's essentially "Teaching us that we Must Love or We will Perish.  The 'Game is Up.'"

"The definition of "Love" in Small Planet would have to be the 'Agape' definition.  "  …..human reciprocal love for God; the term necessarily extends to the love of one’s fellow man "  This is from the Wikipedia definition of Agape."


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