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Shondes Sing Activism and Politics, Stand Up For What They Believe In

OCT 31, 2013 – Happy Halloween and Super Samhain everyone! I ran across this article on SFBG.com of a cool political band playing in San Francisco tonight. To honor their Jewish heritage they named themselves "The Shondes", from the Yiddish word 'shonde' which means "shameful", and was a term used for outcasts in the Jewish community. When the band members started to get into activism and challenge long-held beliefs, they were yelled at and even spat upon, and were called 'shondes'. In the SFBG.com interview they say their big issues are universal healthcare, ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine (which I am sure got them called 'shondes' for doing) and trans justice. They also fight racism, economic depression and support community organizing and activism. JTMP agrees! To read the whole SFBG.com interview go here.  (photo credit: Frank Stefanko)

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