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Sheryl Crow Talks About Activism and Her New Song “Best of Times” on SFGate

SEP 13, 2013 – In a SFGate interview, Sheryl Crow talks about her new song "Best of Times", and hints that it is kind of an 'activist song', and called it a "hopeful song". She is in San Francisco to do what she does often, and that is activism in the community for various issues and causes. This time it is the Macy's Passport Presents Glamorama, which is a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS organizations. Read more on SFGate.com here, and watch her perform (and record!) the song in a YouTube video from TheWarnerSound below.

Walmart Sells Guns and Ammo, But Bans Sheryl Crow Album Because of Lyrics About Guns

August 8, 2013 – Americans can buy guns and ammo at Walmart, but apparently they ban free speech. I stumbled across this fact today that back in 1996, Walmart objected to the Sheryl Crow song, "Love Is a Good Thing" that contained the lyrics: "Watch out sister, watch out brother, Watch our children as they kill each other, With a gun they bought at the Walmart discount stores". Reason #148 to not to shop at Walmart. Read more about this in a 2004 article on PBS.org here. Watch Sheryl Crow sing "Love is a Good Thing" live from CrowVideoTV2 below.

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