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SuicideGirlsBlog: Justine Sane Gets Hope From Occupy Movement

In an interview with SuicideGirlsBlog.com, Anti-Flag guitarist Justin Sane says the Occupy movement "gives me a lot of hope."  He adds, "I think in America there’s a sense of fairness – that everybody has an opportunity to get ahead and that’s based on an assumption that there’s a level playing field that we all start out on. Now people are looking around and seeing that there isn’t a level playing field, things are vastly out of balance, and people with a lot of money are actually breaking the law in many cases and doing things that should be illegal to make more money – all this while the rest of us are just trying to scrape by. I think Americans are pretty fair minded – most people are just saying that they want a level playing field and that’s why we see a lot of protests popping up recently."

To read the whole interview check out SuicideGirlsBlog.com.

Justin Sane of Anti-Flag Performs at Occupy Wall Street

The Economy is Suffering

I've seen a lot of rip-offs in my life. 
Seen a lot of scams. 
A lot of crooks and crooked schemes, crooked sharks. 
Part one of the story reads…
The liquor store thief. The stick up man. 
Thrown into the clink, never coming back until the day he's grey and old. 
I seen a lot of rip-offs in my life. 

The rip-offs of the old and the young, the weak, the sick, 
the never known. 
Stabbed repeatedly in the back by the Wall Street suit. 
The Washington hack. 
Lining up their pockets with the people's cash

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