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White House Staff Video: “It Gets Better”

DEC 3, 2012 – In response to the "It Gets Better" videos by President Barack Obama and the White House telling gay Americans to stay positive despite the discrimination and taunts, aides and White House staff made a video personally telling their stories of growing up gay, and coming out, and telling other gay Americans that it gets better. Watch below.

Hip-Hop Artist Frank Ocean Comes Out, Feared Backlash Not There

July 8, 2012 – Hip-hop artist Frank Ocean came out last week and announced he is either bi-sexual or gay (I am unsure) saying his "first true love was a man", and has not faced a feared backlash and uproar from the hip-hop world and fans. This was seen as a bold and risky move, some saying it would jeopardize his young career in the ultra-macho world of hip-hop. There were death threats and hate speech directed towards him on Twitter by some people which was to be expected, but mostly the uproar has not been there; maybe signaling a shift in attitudes towards homosexuality in the hip-hop world. Read more about it on NYTimes.com here.  (Photo credit: Sweisscheese/Wiki)

George Michael Responds To Extremist Christian Website That Attacked His Homosexuality

JAN 5, 2012 – George Michael was attacked viciously by a hate filled Christian website of the group "Christians for a Moral America", saying he is going to "pay for his unrepentant lifestyle in hell". George Michael then responded with Tweets calling them "Totally f–ked up c–ksucking bastards. Oh my God that felt good, I must be getting better." You can follow George on his Twitter account here, and JTMP's Twitter account is here. Follow us!

George is recovering from a bad bout of pneumonia in Austria while this was all happening. Check out more on this MSNBC post here, and below is a video of George talking to the press while he is recovering.


Foo Fighters Official Full Length Video of the Westboro Baptist Church Counter-Protest!

We blogged about this the other night, and now a full version of the whole event staged by the Foo Fighters to drown out the Westboro Baptist Church clowns from a flatbed truck is out.

In a statement the Foo Fighters said, "On Aug. 30th, 2011 Westboro Baptist Church called for a picket of the Foo Fighters show in Kansas City. We had a little something up our sleeve. God Bless America."

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