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TED LIEU WINS DEM PRIMARY FOR CA 33RD – COCHRANE/MCDANIELS RACE GOES TO RUNOFF – BRUCE BALEY TO FACE PIG-CASTRATER JODI ERNST JUNE 3, 2014 – Several states held primary election results yesterday, setting the stage for the November general election. Some notable ones were Ted Lieu won California’s 33rd district Democratic primary that had 15 […]

Primaries and Early Voting Are Important!

MAR 30, 2014 – DC is currently holding its primary elections, and I headed out yesterday and "early voted". We in DC are very progressive and do not put up any voter suppression hurdles. In fact, DC is very accommodating to its citizens when it comes to early voting, same-day voter registration, and making sure DC citizens who may not have an ID for some reason or another, can use an alternative form of ID like a utility bill or something. We have accessibility vans picking up our disabled citizens and whisking them to the polls. In other words, in DC we make it easier to vote, NOT harder. My experience was great. No lines, and I was in and out in 5 minutes. I was free to do my other errands and carry on not worrying about missinga primary or special election which I do sometimes if it is "only on one day". That is why early voting is important, it more accurately represents more of the electorate, because more people vote.

Another reason why this is significant is this is a local election. Sometimes people get caught up only in the Presidential elections, and ignore the midterms, primaries and local elections.That is a mistake. Who sits on your city council determines if you can get your medical marijuana or not. Your state senators and representatives determine whether your gay friend can marry his lover. JTMP urges our supporters to not only register and vote, but vote in each and every election. Vote in the general elections, the primaries, the special elections, get educated on ballot initiatives and other things on the ballot. Most states send out a "voter's guide" that explains how, where and when to vote; and even contains sample ballots so you can be prepared and be informed when you arrive at the polls. JTMP urges our supporters to pay attention to elections and make sure you have easy and early voting in your state.


Last Day to Register to Vote in Virginia’s 2013 Gubernatorial Election

OCT 15, 2013 JTMP strongly recommends that Americans pay extra close attention to local elections, such as state delegates, state representatives, city council members, board of education members and especially Governorships. Governors in some states appoint state supreme court justices, that serve for life in some instances, that will rule on issues such as forced ultrasounds on women to voting hurdles erected by state politicians. Virginia is one of those states that is very important when it comes to progressive values, and today is the last day to register to vote in Virginia's 2013 Gubernatorial election. JTMP recommends EVERYONE registers to vote, but especially if you live in Virginia please register to vote and take part in democracy; it is not a spectator sport. Register to vote in Virginia HERE, and if you live elsewhere find out how to register to vote HERE. For more information on the candidates running, start at Wikipedia here.

JTMP Reminds Everyone To VOTE Today

NOV 6, 2012 – If there was any moment JTMP exists for, it is today…Election Day, and the magic of our precious democracy in action where it does NOT come down to Super PAC money, but it comes down to an American citizen walking into a booth and exercising their right to vote. JTMP spends 2 years between election cycles registering voters, urging young people to get informed and involved, and raising awareness on progressive issues we think are important and of course cool, music-activist news. Now it all comes down to this. We urge ALL Americans, from any political persuasion, and if you live in a "swing state" or not, to Get Out The Vote today and exercise your precious right and civic duty that many people have struggled and even died for you to have. Please, grab a friend or family member, and head out to the polls today and VOTE. Bring a book, snacks and water, and even a chair if need be if the lines are long. Get In Line and Stay in Line. If you are in a voting line by the closing time, they must let you vote.

Don't be discouraged if you don't live in a "swing state", because local elections matter. Your state Governor is very important, because many times they appoint the state secretary (think Katherine Harris) who controls the state's elections. The state Governor in many states appoint the state supreme court justices. Your state representatives, delegate and state senators are also very important, for they pass state laws that affect you directly, remember the "Stand Your Ground" and voter suppression bills being passed in many states. Your city council member affects if the park across your street gets cleaned up and fixed up, and if your schools are functioning well. Also, the US House of Representatives and the US Senate at the federal level are very, very important…and may dictate on how effective the President can implement his policy (think obstructionism). The Senate is involved with appointing US Supreme Court Justices. Every vote is important, and every vote should be exercised and counted no matter where you live. 

To start your day, and get more information on how to vote, information on issues and candidates, and where and how to vote, JTMP recommends you start at the Project Vote Smart Website, and then visit the US government election website to find your state's board of election website. In some places, like DC, you can register to vote and vote the same day. If your address has changed and you forgot to update your address, you can vote on a "special ballot" in some cases. Bring your lease, deed, IDs, utility bills, paycheck stub, bank statement,  or something with your name and address on it, but don't be intimidated and make sure you vote. If you have tried everything and they aren't permitting you to vote, ask to vote provisionally or with a special ballot, and if your information checks out your vote will be counted later.

I will end with this: I call for increased funding for our elections. Including massive funding for 1,000s of "election centers" built in cities across our nation to handle the long lines and the movement to expand early voting. We should be making the process of voting EASIER (and quicker!), not harder.

Fox and Friends claim conspiracy Behind “Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together” as “Rushed” and is Obama Re-Election Concert

NOV 2, 2012 – Fox and Friends complained about the "Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together" telethon concert that will be on the NBC Universal network tonight saying,"Where are the conservative musicians?" They also appeared to be hinting at a conspiracy by the Democrats and the Left as hypocrites because Kanye West attacked President George W. Bush's slow response to Hurricane Katrina. They also said the Katrina fundraiser was ten days after the hurricane, but this concert is only 3 days after, and is purposely being "rushed" as to be before the election and the concert can be a campaign rally for President Barack Obama.

First off, not all the musicians and artists have been announced, Secondly, there are only 5 conservative musicians (JTMP did a post on them last month) and who knows, maybe Kid Rock will make an appearance. Thirdly, the reason the Left is not attacking President Obama is because he is responding to the crisis quickly and efficiently, unlike Bush and Brownie. Watch the video from HuffPo of Fox and Friends losing their minds below, and tune in tonight to the NBC Universal network concert tonight, and please help out Americans in need.

Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready Asks Voters to Support the Issue of Pre-Exisiting Medical Conditions

OCT 22, 2012 – Pearl Jam's Mike McCready has made a video with filmmaker Jesse Dylan to ask voters to make a pledge on SignOn.org to support the issue of people with pre-existing medical conditions having access to affordable healthcare. On the Pearl Jam website they say:

"The truth is, everyone is better off when everyone is healthy. Especially those of us who have been dealt a rough hand – people with conditions or diseases like cancer, diabetes, Crohn’s, Alzheimer’s, HIV, asthma or arthritis.

The insurance networks that control our doctor’s offices, hospitals and emergency rooms have a more difficult time-sharing our pro-health perspective. Not because they’re bad people, but because their focus is on profitability, and they haven’t found a way to be as profitable off of the sick as they are off the healthy. Which is not to say they aren’t profitable. 

We are a musician and a filmmaker, who are also fathers and businessmen, who are living with chronic illnesses. We know firsthand of what we speak. We were also friends with the late Jennifer Jaff who, through her organization Advocacy for Patients, fought tirelessly with insurance companies on behalf of chronically ill patients who had been denied payments or coverage. Our friend Jennifer imagined a day when her services would no longer be needed, when health care for all Americans would be seen as both good business and good values.  If you share this vision and these values, watch and share this little video we created as a tribute to Jennifer, and help elect a President this November who shares these values as well.


Jesse Dylan, Founder of Wondros, Filmmaker, inspired by his son’s illness to found Lybba, at lybba.org, creating compassionate communities of care to redesign healthcare for good, Mike McCready, Pearl Jam, Guitarist, living with Crohn’s disease"

Mike McCready is asking you to TAKE ACTION and sign the pledge to support the issue of people with pre-existing medical conditions having access to affordable healthcare. Also, check out this great new organization called LYBBA that is trying to "transform healthcare for good", and is creating an "open source health and learning network" to make healthcare better, more affordable, and reaching more people.   Watch the video below, and sign the pledge here."

Tom Morello tells Paul Ryan, “Dude, YOU are what we Rage Against!”

AUG 17, 2012 – In an apparent "whoosh over their head" moment, Paul Ryan has been listening to Rage Against the Machine for years, and has recently said they were among his favorite bands, and did not know the whole time it was the policies he promotes and votes for that the whole Rage Against the Machine rages against! Tom Morello straightened him out in a blistering Op Ed in Rolling Stone magazine saying, "Paul Ryan is clueless about his favorite band, Rage Against the Machine." He added, "[Paul Ryan's] vision of shifting revenue more radically to the one percent is antithetical to the message of Rage".

Tom Morello also said, "I clearly see that Ryan has a whole lotta "rage" in him: A rage against women, rage against immigrants, a rage against workers, a rage against gays, a rage against the poor, a age against the environment." Read the whole Rolling Stone Op Ed from The Nightwatchman here. (photo credit: CC/Tom Morello/US GOVT)