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Eddie Vedder Performs and Introduces President Obama at Fundraiser

SEP 25, 2012 – Eddie Vedder played at an Obama fundraiser last week, and here are 2 clips. The first is from CorrineClement on YouTube of Eddie introducing the President, and then there is a performance of "Without You" on a ukulele from BackInTheRain. In the text of the Intro video it says:

"Eddie Vedder introduced President Barack Obama during a fundraiser at the home of Lisa DeBartolo and Don Miggs in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012. Vedder spoke about his start as a security officer in San Diego, prior to forming the band Pearl Jam, where a government program gave him opportunities he otherwise wouldn't have had. 

This video is posted by Corrine Clement, COO of ChoiceCenter Leadership University who asked the President on Thursday what advice he would have for people who want to achieve extraordinary results in life. His response: "First, you have to have a vision, but then its all about persistence. It's ALL about persistence. Persistence will have you achieve any goal to the end result.""

Charlie Crist Joins Eddie Vedder at Obama Fundraiser

SEP 21, 2012 – Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist, who was chased out of his party by extremist Tebaggers, joined Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder at an Obama fundraiser in Florida this week. They and others were at the home of songwriter Eddie DeBartolo Jr., and Eddie Vedder even sang a few songs. He said, "This is the most songs I have ever played with a suit on!" Read more on Tampa Bay Times.  (Photo credit: CC/Metal Chris)

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