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Artists Against Fracking: “Don’t Frack My Mother!”

MAR 11, 2013 – An organization that JTMP is part of, "Artists Against Fracking", have released a music video for their song, "Don't Frack My Mother". A funny song featuring many different artists, such as Josh Fox, Sean and Yoko Ono, and a whole bunch of other artists all chipping in for this hilarious protest song that is great for firing up the much-needed opposition to Fracking. Watch the video below, and for more info you can check out artistsagainstfracking.org

Artists Against Fracking Start Anti-Fracking Billboard Campaign

MAR 6, 2013 – Artists Against Fracking, a collection of activist musicians consisting of Yoko and Sean Lennon, Justice Through Music, and many other artists and organizations, have started a billboard campaign pushing for New York Governor Mario Cuomo to ban the harmful practice of fracking permanently statewide. Sean Lennon issued a statement saying, "Fracking for gas is inherently dirty and dangerous. Cement and pipes at these great depths are simply not reliable, as the industry’s own documents show. Cracks and leaks will inevitably poison wells and aquifers. Rural communities will be turned into industrial brownfields. No amount of regulation can make fracking safe." Check out their campaign and get more info on their website below. (Photo credit: artistsagainstfracking.org)


RawStory: Fracking debate draws Yoko Ono and son to rural battlegrounds


JAN 21, 2013 – Raw Story has a great post up about what JTMP blogged a few months back about, "Artists Against Fracking", and how Yoko and Sean Lennon are getting involved in the fight against fracking. Yoko comments in the article, “It’s not just for me, but for New York State and New York City as well. But also when we lose this game we’re losing not just for New York State but for the United States and for Britain. I’m getting letters from Britain saying, ‘Yoko, please do something, they’re starting to frack here.’” Read more on RawStory here. 
(photo credit: RawStory)

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