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Seattle Times: Activists hold May Day ‘pop-up’ block party in Seattle to protest youth incarceration

The May Day event included hip-hop performances, food, live-painting and speakers MAY 2, 2017 – May Day marches, rallies and even “pop-up parties” to celebrate worker’s rights, and to protest issues such as war and mass incarceration took place all across America yesterday. Neal Morton of The Seattle Times has a cool piece up about […]

HONK! Holds 10th Annual Music and Activism Festival

Parade From Somerville to Cambridge Calls for $15 Minimum Wage, Peace, End to Racism and More OCT 19, 2015 – HONK!, an organization that blends marching band music and activism together, holds a festival every year in Massachusetts calling for renewable energy, peace, an end to racism, better treatment of undocumented immigrants, a $15 federal minimum wage and […]

Bernie Sanders Continues to Draw Huge Crowds

Musical-Activists Write Songs in Support of Fiery Independent Socialist August 11, 2015 – The fiery independent socialist from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, continues to draw huge crowds to his 2016 Democratic primary campaign rallies. Bernie is making a west coast swing, and had crowds of 25,000 in Portland and LA, if you include the crowd outside the venues. […]

James McMurtry: “I’m much more of a socialist than some of my characters are”

Activist-Musician’s Song “Can’t Make It Here” Became Accidental Occupy Anthem MARCH 23, 2015 – A friend of mine turned me on to the new album “Complicated Game” by James McMurtry this weekend, and it is great. Straight, raw songwriting weaving stories about America and life, and telling it like it is. The sweet, natural acoustic […]