CPAC Collapses Amid Toxic Culture, Sexual Assault

What will happen now to Matt Schlapp, the CEO of CPAC, who is also accused of fondling a male potential staffer is anyones guess. But he might wish to call Kevin Spacey to find out.

Murdoch Said Fox News Hosts ‘Endorsed’ Election Lies In Dominion Deposition

The lying liars at Fox News have finally been outed. Rupert Murdoch has admitted he spread false fake Trump election denial news in order to support Trump.

Texas Asks A Trump Judge To Declare Federal Government Unconstitutional

The GOP just wants to have their cake and eat it to. They could care less about the government. Matter of fact, the government stands in the way of them declaring a coup and taking over as dictators for life.

Internal chaos plagues Bannon-fronted $FJB cryptocurrency

Steve "The Fraud" Bannon seems to be a constant source of scams and trouble that follows those scams.

CNN Panel Cringes At Trump Grand Jury Foreperson’s ‘Painful’ Media Appearances

The foreperson, Emily Kohrs, has been interviewed by several news outlets, including CNN, about the grand jury’s deliberations, offering coy and cryptic hints about who might be indicted.