Clarence Thomas Had a Child in Private School. Harlan Crow Paid the Tuition

Crow paid for private school for a relative Thomas said he was raising “as a son.” “This is way outside the norm,” said a former White House ethics lawyer.

FBI says former agent arrested over Jan. 6 called officers Nazis and encouraged mob to kill em

Jared L. Wise, who worked at the FBI for 13 years ending in 2017, was arrested Monday in Oregon.

GOP Tells Supreme Court To ‘Update’ Ethics Oversight With A Memo, SCOTUS “Is A Series of Tubes”

In other words, keep that corruption quieter. Just write a new ethics memo and send it out to everyone in the clerk's office. Tell them that you are against corruption, and to stop stealing pens and pencils and SCOTUS memorabilia.

Supreme Court to consider overruling Chevron doctrine

Yes, the corrupted SCOTUS now wants to overturn how things are done in business and regulations. Hey, without regulations Monsanto could go out and spray illegal or banned pesticides everywhere.

Senate investigation into Brett Kavanaugh assault claims contained serious omissions

The 2018 investigation into the then supreme court nominee claimed there was ‘no evidence’ behind claims of sexual assault