Is Bono Selling Out to Monsanto?

Activist-Singer Attacked for Association with Monsanto at G7 Summit DEC 4, 2014 – Bono, the lead singer and activist-musician from U2, came under fire from his fans and others for being associated with Monsanto and private companies “partnering” with the private sector to solve Africa’s hunger crisis at the last G8 Summit meeting back in 2013…


Neil Young Joins Starbucks Boycott Because of Their Lawsuit Against Vermont’s GMO Food Labeling

Musical-Activist Quits His Daily Latte Due to Starbucks Using Lobbyists to Overturn GMO-Labeling Law NOV 23, 2014 – The European Union strictly monitors “new food” coming into their system, and they already require food manufacturers to label their food products as to whether they use GMO (Genetically Modified Organism Frankenfood). Here in the US, Vermont…


Company Building 84 MPG Car for $7,000

ELIO MOTORS WANTS TO REVOLUTIONIZE TRANSPORTATION JUNE 29, 2014 – A new company called Elio Motors intends to create over 1,500 jobs in Louisiana and revolutionize transportation by building a 84 MPG personal transportation vehicle that will sell for under $7,000. Part of the mission’s project is to address what a lot of people feel…


Rodale Institute Proposes Regenerative Organic Agriculture to Counteract Carbon Emissions

White Paper States 100% of World’s CO2 Emissions Could be Sequestered June 9, 2014 – The Rodale Institute, a “get our hands dirty” agricultural research organization, has issued a white paper detailing their very credible plan of using what they call “Regenerative Organic Agriculture” to counteract the world’s yearly carbon output. It is very complex,…

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