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Drones fly deep inside Russia; Putin orders border tightened

Ukraine is kicking Russian ass at present. Now it appears that Russia will need to rethink its position that Russia is safe from the carnage they have unleashed in Ukraine. Next targets are in Moscow.

Murdoch Said Fox News Hosts ‘Endorsed’ Election Lies In Dominion Deposition

The lying liars at Fox News have finally been outed. Rupert Murdoch has admitted he spread false fake Trump election denial news in order to support Trump.

Republicans Froth Over ‘Lab Leak’ Report, Call For Action Against China

Republicans have been busy since the early days of Covid-19 to blame someone, hell, anyone but themselves or their Russian scumbag friends

Thousands Protest Mexico’s Electoral Law Changes

This stuff is happening around the world. It appears that dictators and those who want to be President for life want to stay in power forever.

Texas Asks A Trump Judge To Declare Federal Government Unconstitutional

The GOP just wants to have their cake and eat it to. They could care less about the government. Matter of fact, the government stands in the way of them declaring a coup and taking over as dictators for life.


Deceptive George Santos Expelled From Congress After 3rd Time

George Santos was booted from congress in a move...

China And World Panic Over White Lung Syndrome In Children

China and the world are in a state of...

Epic Russia Is Collapsing Trends For Stunning 7th Time

Russia is collapsing is trending on X/Twitter for the...

Anna Indiana Impressive 2023 AI BOT Future Of Music

Anna Indiana AI BOT, the future of music.HighlightAnna Indiana...