George Santos escapes Ethics Committee charges, proving once again that the GOP has zero ethics.

People thought that the GOP ethics committee would finally expel George Santos after spending millions of taxpayer dollars investigating him and his blatant criminality. But today marked the day that the GOP gave way to criminals being a part of their coalition, and no matter how much of a criminal you are or were or will be, you are welcomed to their table to sit in judgement of others who haven’t committed any crimes in their lives.

It used to be that the GOP was the law-and-order party, but that is no more since Donald Trump came along to herd them into his flock of criminals and mobsters. George Santos lied his way to get elected, and then ripped donors off of their money and a host of other charges that for now have not been concluded with a trial. His first charges have been in limbo waiting on the government to finish their plea deal proffers, but that is now going on for almost a year with delay after delay by prosecutors.

His second raft of charges in a newer indictment will likely face the same delays, as the trial has been set for September of next year, and that is without all the delays that go into actually getting to trial. So, the moral of this story is that if you are a Republican, then you are free to crime your way to the top of the heap, and no ethics committee assigned the task of finding how unethical you were to get there will stop you. In other words, run for office and be a criminal and be all you can be while doing it.

George Santos

An investigative subcommittee has contacted at least 40 witnesses, reviewed 170,000 pages of documents and authorized more than three dozen subpoenas as part of its investigation into whether Santos “engaged in unlawful activity” in his 2022 House campaign.

Yet they found NOTHING to remove him on. What is it about the GOP these days? They seem to be all about criminality, they seem to want to be more criminal than the people they write laws for to follow. You, I, and everyone else has to follow the law these criminals set up. Yet when we break laws, we are held to account, when they break laws, they get away with it. It is a two-tiered justice system for the have and the have nots.

Said Rep. Marc Molinaro: “The report is going to affirm and confirm what we already know: George Santos is a fraud; he should not be a member of Congress.”
In a speech defending himself ahead of the expulsion vote in early November, Santos said, “I’m fighting tooth and nail to clear my name in front of the entire world, Mr. Speaker. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m fighting by God’s grace.”

ABC News

Here is the deal. If you are a criminal then all you need to do is be a Republican, tout Trump won stuff on your blog, pick out a state or district where there is an opening for you to get your message out. Next, rent a trailer for 150.00 dollars a month on a month-to-month basis in that district.

Next, get your campaign flyers and various yard signs out, maybe spend 300.00 dollars on that, and then go to a few diners to talk to folks and lie your ass off about who you are, what your real name is, and where you went to school etc. Then get elected and start making 200k a year in pay setting up laws on the books for everyone else to follow but you. It’s easy, easy as pie, and when you’re a star they let you do it.


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