Bolton: Trump Probably Wants Supporters To Kill Gen Milley


John Bolton says Trump probably wants one of his supporters to kill Gen Mark Milley. These are the usual dog whistles that Trump uses. He makes some fantasy statement that could be considered just talk about xyz, and then he stands back while his supporters, mostly the crazy check disabled folks, run out and do something they think Trump told them to do using his secret coded language.

Then Trump can sit back and say well, I never said that, but whatever. Same thing happened on J6. He never told them to riot, but the whistle was: you got to fight like hell or you’re not going to have a country anymore. And fight they did, by the thousands. And sort of the same thing could be applied to the saying: “Hang Mike Pence” well they put up some gallows for that too.

Story below:

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton warned CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday that former President Donald Trump may actually want one of his followers to take matters into their own hands and mete out vigilante justice against former Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, whom he recently accused of treason and suggested should be executed.

This comes as former Trump’s one-time Chief of Staff John Kelly goes public to confirm various accounts of Trump’s attacks on servicemembers and war heroes.

“John Kelly also says that Trump is, quote, ‘a person that has no idea what America stands for and has no idea what America is all about, a person who cavalierly suggests that a selfless warrior who has served this country for 40 years in peacetime and war’ — this is a reference to General Milley — ‘should lose his life for treason in expectation that someone will take action, a person who admires autocrats and murderous dictators, has nothing but contempt for democratic institutions, our constitution and rule of law,'” said anchor Jake Tapper.

“I know you agree with some of that, in your book ‘The Room Where It Happened,'” said Tapper. “It’s interesting that Kelly put in there that he thinks Trump accusing Milley of treason was done in order to encourage someone to act on that.”

“Well, look, it’s entirely possible,” said Bolton. “Trump uses the word ‘treason’ quite a bit. He called me a traitor, others in his administration, Mike Pompeo called me a traitor for writing a book. That’s the way they do things. And it’s entirely possible that’s what Trump wants to see.”

“I think the central point of what John Kelly said in that particular quotation goes to really the essence of Donald Trump,” Bolton continued. “The only thing he cares about is Donald Trump. Everything else is instrumental.”


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