It’s high noon in the Trump Celebrity J6 case which Jack Smith has been working on. Let’s break it down for a minute though as to what this actually means. It means another round of Trump’s plane being filmed with the takeoff and landing images. Trump’s motorcade from the airport all logged by helicopters flying overhead, while TV pundits discuss what he must be thinking and what color of underwear he wore. TV news crews standing by at the courthouse lamenting about how the crowd sizes are not up to Trump standards. On and on it will go until the event has ended and Trump takes off back to Mar a Lago.

Let’s get this straight. Trump is NOT a criminal defendant in any way shape or form as other criminal defendants. Trump never has to go through the judicial system itself. He’s never indicted and then transported by US Marshals to a CON AIR transport plane and given diesel therapy by being taken to numerous jurisdictions while waiting for his turn to land at the court he is assigned to. Trump chooses when he will surrender, and how he will surrender. Trump flies into the airport on his own without handcuffs, and without US Marshalls in attendance like other criminal defendants.

Trump never has to pay for bail, wear an ankle monitor if released, or told to report to pre-trial services once per week reporting his every activity from the previous week. Trump never has to endure one solitary day in jail with other criminal defendants waiting for his turn in court, while simmering in a small cell with 20-30 other stinky men sleeping on the floor with a toilet full of shit unable to flush because its broken. Trump never has to endure the broken justice system that so many other criminal defendants have had to endure for far less crimes than Trump has been charged with or committed.

What Trump does get is ever perk imaginable, so many perks in fact its mind boggling. Did El Chapo get police officers showing up at the airport to shake his hand and take selfies with him prior to going to court? But Trump gets this treatment. When a defendant is indicted, the indictment is never known in advance, this is so defendants don’t get a chance to flee or warn others or otherwise screw up the case against them.

But when Trump is indicted, he’s given advance knowledge of it, and is allowed to have his legal team show up to the prosecutor’s office in advance to negotiate the terms of surrender and a number of other line items that the public is never made aware of. Things like which Judge will be assigned to the case, where the surrender will take place, and how it will take place. Rules like no handcuffs, no perp walks, no mugshots, no bail issues, no ankle monitors, no pre-trial services, no restrictions on travel, no restrictions on discussing the case in public and so forth.

These are the perks that no other criminal defendant gets, making Trump the only major criminal defendant to avail himself of the luxuries of the judicial system that no one else gets to avail themselves of. This is not just the two-tiered justice system, this is a whole other level of tiers that no one has ever heard of, much less had available to them. In other words, this level has been created solely for Trump and no one else. So, pardon me for shedding zero tears over his treatment. No one else gets this level of perks while being indicted and charged with major felonies.

These prosecutions so far have been a clown show by Jack Smith. They are not serious enough to hold Trump accountable for anything. They are merely just a TV reality show that will give the public something, anything, to show that the justice system works, and no one is above the law. But in fact, none of these cases show that Trump is not above the law, when every perk Trump gets has never been available to anyone else. This shows that Trump is in fact above the law, and accountability is just a show trial for the little people to say yes, justice is being served, when that is just a bunch of bullshit dressed up in disguise.

When Trump is held to the same standards that every other criminal defendant is held to, then and only then can the people say that justice is equal and served, and that no one is above the law. Until then, this is just reality TV show bullshit for the “we got him now” crowds who’ve been clamoring for any straw they can get to show their followers that justice has arrived. So far, justice has not truly arrived, and there are now 3 tiers of justice, the justice for the haves, the justice for the have nots, and the justice for one person, Trump, who stands above all other justice in getting everything he wants, up to an including 100 million dollars’ worth of free advertising and 100 million dollars’ worth of new donations to his fake legal fund for every indictment unsealed.


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