The Fulton County Case Against Trump May Be the Most Serious—and Imminent


Oh sure, where have we heard this before? Back in January of 2023 this story was out about how charges against Trump were imminent. But of course, that was total crap.

fanniwillischarges 2 the fulton county case against trump may be the most serious—and imminent

Here is what Fanni Willis said then:

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis suggested Tuesday that the special grand jury investigating Donald Trump and his allies’ efforts to upend the 2020 election in Georgia has recommended multiple indictments and said that her decision on whether to bring charges is “imminent.”
At a hearing in Atlanta on whether to publicly release the special grand jury report. Willis, a Democrat, said she opposes making it public at the moment, citing her ongoing deliberations on charges.
“Decisions are imminent,” Willis told Judge Robert McBurney.

So, what does the new imminent mean now:

“For the most part, Fani’s team has kept things close to the chest. It speaks to their professionalism,” Eaves said. “This is the major leagues. This is not a prosecution of a local felon. This is the prosecution of a former president. You need to make sure the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.”
“Her personal reputation is at stake,” he said. “You don’t want to mess this thing up.”

Her personal reputation is as stake. When did this become a thing about personal reputations? I thought it had to do with criminal intent and find me 11000 votes, and being on tape demanding that people commit fraud to find those votes by just magically finding the votes so they can say Trump won, instead of Trump lost. I thought it had to do with finding fake electors, and fake lawsuits filed with fake people lying about things they saw, that were in fact fake.

Instead, now we see it’s about personal reputations, and the usual reasons for slow boaters who still believe that “they got him now” and the reason Mueller had to take years to investigate was because they had to dot all their I’s and cross their T’s, because this wasn’t any ordinary criminal, this was the President of the United States. So, they had to go slow to get it right.

These were the excuses they gave until the man behind curtain (Mueller) was revealed to be no one special, and Trump skated away because Mueller didn’t investigate collusion with a foreign country to win the Presidency. You see collusion wasn’t a crime. Ya, anyone can do it, they let you because when you’re a star you can get away with anything.

These are the reasons that the “we got him now” crowd always use to keep you in their corners. They want you to believe in Fairy Tales, Father Time, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy, until you get older and wiser and find out that was all just some fantasy you were sold. When you look at the real facts, justice is not served to those who deserve it the most, rather it’s served only to us poor schlubs down at the bottom. The ones who get hauled away at work for an unpaid traffic ticket or unpaid hospital bill or some unpaid debt in a state where corrupt Republicans have reinstituted debtor’s prisons.

But the big boys, the guys at the top, are rarely held accountable. But you keep believing in it because if suddenly the laws were just ignored, it would-be anarchy, and the entire thin blue line that separates us from them would collapse, and it would be all hell breaking loose then.

The system is rigged, in fact those at the top have always known that. They knew long ago how to rig it and devised ways to keep them in power forever. There are two sets of books, the books for them, and the books for us. This is why if you pay attention to things like this story, you’ll see the reality behind it. In the Georgia case we had to empanel a ‘special purpose’ grand jury first that couldn’t do ANYTHING to Trump, and let them investigate, but only after a year of wallowing around on making that decision did it happen. Then when it was all said and done, we had to turn it into a clown show to show the public who was actually on that grand jury — and it sure was a clown show with their media appearances and so forth.

Clown Show Special Purpose Trump Foreperson

Then we get Fanni Willis telling us in December 2022 that she was thinking about it. Then in January 2023, indictments were imminent. That means any day now, any day, hour or moment to us lay persons who are foolish enough to believe it. Then come March 2023 she said charges, indictments, were for the summer, late summer. So imminent was thrown out the window to give way to a year or so later, when memories have faded, and witness are more than likely to say “I don’t recall” or ya know “I just can’t remember.”

Here we are years after the 2020 election, and we are just now at the indictment stage? If this were any average joe, they’d already have served their sentences and have been released from custody. But because it’s Trump, they have to tread carefully, reputations are at stake don’t ya know. See the bullshit? This is a pile on during an election. I don’t pander to Trump’s talking points here when I say this either. The justice system is averse to a Trump Presidency because they know that he is a threat to democracy. But the problem they have is they all have this strategy to pile on before the election to keep him out, but not back when the crimes happened, but just as the election season takes hold. The problem is media will be all over it giving Trump all the free media time he can get without having to pay one dime for it.

We will get plane landings, helicopter flybys, limo rides on the freeways, and more. And he will be able to look like a poor victim in all of it. This of course enrages his base to the point whereby they give him more money, more votes, and more anger directed at democrats and liberals, whom they claim are the deep state and after Trump because they hate him. It’s a stupid call to do this now. Their window for doing things was in 2020 and 2021. Now, it just looks like a pile on. And of course, Trump and the indictments will dominate the airwaves all the way through election day, drowning out the messages of all other candidates for the job. Those candidates won’t even get airtime, much less media exposure. And if they want it, they will have to pay for it, and pay big to end up on the TV graveyard shift from 1am-5am.

Trump Prison

If you think Trump is going to prison, then you still believe in Santa Claus. No matter what, if found guilty on all charges, Trump will have an age-related infirmity that will keep him confined to Mar a Lago and various golf courses he owns for his health. He is, as they will say: “too old to jail.” Was Harvey Weinstein too old to jail? Nope. And they confined his ass for life. But Trump, no, he will be too old and infirm, and he will suddenly have too many health issues to jail him. Plus, the nightmare situation for his lifetime Secret Service detail, any jail he is in will be problematic and a logistical nightmare. Trump will never see one day in prison unless the DOJ gets tired of his antics and starts treating him like the criminal he is. Until then, Trump has a deck of get out of jail free cards, whereby he will pass go and collect 200 dollars along the way.

Jury Problems

If you don’t see that the jury pool will be contaminated with Trump supporters, especially in southern hillbilly states where he is very popular, then none of you have been paying attention to this major fact. Paul Manafort had such a juror during his trial. Not only that, but he had a friendly Judge like Kyle Rittenhouse had. This juror was 100 percent against finding Manafort guilty on the most serious of charges. And at the end of the day, Manafort made his bones and stood tall and never ratted anyone out. He got a nice pardon for his crimes because of it, and he got all the money back that the government took from him.

If you think that there won’t be Trump supporters on any jury pool that will get seated, then you haven’t been really thinking it through.

Appeals Take Years

If he is found guilty on every indictment that’s thrown at him, there will be years of appeals to look forward to. Some of these appeals will land in Trump friendly courts, and some will be thrown back at the lower courts to rework them out, and some might even be thrown out. The operative word is that we are talking about 5-8 years of appeals, whereby Trump will be free to come and go as he pleases. By the time it all comes out in the wash, most people will have forgotten about Trump, J6, and insurrections, and everything else. By the time Trump reaches this point he will be 88 some odd years old. And if you think any Judge will just send him to prison at that age for long forgotten events then you’re just dreaming.

This sucks to write this of course. But this is the two-tiered justice system we have. This is what two sets of books are about. If you want real justice, start by sweeping the entire scum sucking system out the door and starting over. Will that ever happen though? I think the sun will have all boiled us alive by then and none of it will ever matter.

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