George Santos: father and aunt revealed to have guaranteed $500,000 bail


So, all the hullabaloo over Santos going to jail rather than reveal that his own family guaranteed his bail was pretty much all for nothing. Santos never went to jail to hide them, and it appears that his family had more money and property than had been previously disclosed. Unless of course someone starts investigating where that money and property came from or how simple lower class family members had that kind of money to bail him out reveals more, this was all just a bunch of cooked up drama queen stuff.

Where were these family members at when George needed money for rent, food, etc., when he committed all these frauds he was arrested for? Why did they not pay his bills then? Why did they wait until he was out committing crimes and then getting elected before they started supporting him?

Story below:

Family members aided Republican congressman after he was charged with fraud, money laundering and theft of public funds

The two people who guaranteed George Santos’s $500,000 bail after the Republican congressman was charged with 13 counts of fraud, money laundering and theft of public funds have been revealed to be his father and an aunt.

The revelation that Gercino dos Santos Jr and Elma Preven were behind Santos’s bail solves a running mystery that fascinated Washington-watchers and also an American public obsessed with the travails of a politician famous for playing fast and loose with the truth.

Santos tried to stop his guarantors being named, arguing disclosure could threaten their safety amid a “media frenzy” and “hateful attacks”.

Santos’s lawyer said that his client would rather go to jail himself than have his guarantors unmasked. But Santos seemed to have backed off that wish, by not asking to change the conditions of his bail after a federal judge in New York dismissed his appeal to keep the names sealed.

Media organisations and the House ethics committee asked that the names be revealed.

Santos, 34, won election in New York last year, in a district covering parts of Long Island and Queens. His résumé has been shown to be largely made-up and past behavior – sometimes allegedly criminal, other times bizarrely picaresque – widely reported.

Santos has admitted to embellishing his résumé but denies wrongdoing. In court in May, he pleaded not guilty to all charges. If found guilty, he could face up to 20 years in prison.

He has been dogged by controversy and calls to resign. House Republicans, however, deflected a motion to censure Santos while party leaders have chosen not to move against him.

In January, Santos backed Kevin McCarthy of California through 15 votes for speaker, in the face of a rightwing rebellion. McCarthy must govern with an extremely narrow majority. Santos has said he intends to run for re-election next year. He is next due in court on 30 June.

Neither Santos nor his lawyers immediately commented on the identification of his guarantors.

In Washington on Wednesday, Santos was among Republicans who voted to censure Adam Schiff, a California Democrat who led impeachment efforts against Donald Trump.

The motion passed. On the House floor, Dan Goldman, a New York Democrat, told Republicans: “One of my colleagues says, ‘We will hold members accountable.’ You are the party of George Santos. Who are you holding accountable?

“The guy is an alleged and acknowledged liar and indicted, and you protect him every day. Don’t lecture us with your projection and your defense of Donald Trump. It’s pathetic, and it’s beneath you and it’s beneath this body.”


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