Bill Barr has come out pushing his book “One Damn Thing After Another” and says that Trump is to blame for the trouble he is in because he acts like a 9 year old child with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr has been the talk of the political world for the past week — after his stunning proclamation that former President Donald Trump is “toast” if half of the 37-count indictment against him is true. Now, after a week of personal insults from the former president, Barr is fighting back with an utterly brutal assessment of his old boss.

In a stunning CBS interview on Sunday with Robert Costa, Barr doubled down on his opinion that Trump has only himself to blame for his current predicament.

“This is not a circumstance where he’s the victim or this is government overreach,” Barr said. “He provoked this whole problem himself. Yes, he’s been the victim of unfair witch hunts in the past. But that doesn’t obviate the fact that he’s also a fundamentally flawed person who engages in reckless conduct. And that leads to situations, calamitous situations like this, which are very destructive and hurt any political cause he’s associated with.”

The former attorney general did say that while Trump has “many good qualities” and “accomplished some good things,” his actions ultimately endanger the GOP cause.

“He is a consummate narcissist and he constantly engages in reckless conduct that that puts his political followers at risk and the conservative and Republican agenda at risk,” he said.

Asked if he believes Trump lied to the Justice Department, Barr said, “Yes, I do.”

He then added this jawdropping postscript:

“He will always put his own interests and gratifying his own ego ahead of everything else, including the country’s interests. There’s no question about it. This is a perfect example of that. He’s like a 9-year-old — a defiant 9-year-old kid who’s always pushing the glass toward the edge of the table, defying his parents to stop him from doing it. It’s a means of self-assertion and exerting his dominance over other people. And he’s a very petty individual who will always put his interests ahead of the country’s, his personal gratification of his ego. But our country can’t be a therapy session for a troubled man like this.”

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