Reacting to a Donald Trump Truth Social post that labeled the founders of the advocacy group The Lincoln Project as “Perverts and Misfits,” after they created a new ad ridiculing his 37-count felony indictment, the group’s Rick Wilson has responded in kind — and in a video where the former leader of the free world was labeled by Wilson as a “mendacious scumbag.”

The twice-indicted Trump kicked off the social media war of words by writing on Truth Social, “The Perverts and Misfits of the Lincoln Project have (barely!) gotten together again after their disgusting scandal, and pieced together some ads. They are running on fumes. Were they ever prosecuted for their crimes? Are their donors under investigation? Check it out!”

That led Wilson to tweet, “Well, good morning to you, too, princess. Did you wake up with a wet Depends this morning? Because you seem pissy.”

Then came the video where Wilson began with, “Hey, good morning, Donald!” before stating, “We’re always willing to tell the truth about the low, loathsome, corrupt, venal, mendacious scumbag that you are.”

Having gotten through those opening pleasantries, he continued, “You know we’re always right,” before adding he heard the espionage ad is “really the one that made you angry.

Comparing Trump to convicted spies Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen, he added, “You violated the law.”

Turning to being called by Trump “misfits and perverts” he reminded the former president, “You’re the one, Donald, who in a court in New York was convicted of sexual abuse and assault. You’re the one, Donald, who is presently under indictment for violating the Espionage Act.”

After promising the Lincoln Project will continue to “kick your ass,” Wilson. brought up a threat Trump made against the Lincoln Project to sue them 291 days ago, stating, “You haven’t and you want to know why? PAB.”

“See, ya soon, buddy,” he concluded as he began laughing.

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