Yes folks, Republicans in Florida are now begging immigrants to stay in the state as they are running out of immigrants to kidnap deport to other states. So, while DeSantis is busy loading up flights out every day and facing kidnapping charges from California to Texas, the GOP is finding out they are running low on day laborers, house builders, maids, field workers, and other jobs they do that the elites count on for service.

What better way to get those services than to start begging them to stay? But immigrants are tired of living in fear of being kidnapped deported out of state, sent to some street in Hoboken, and left on the streets with nothing more than a carboard box to sleep in. So, they are moving out in droves and telling those that depend on them to fuck off.

This leaves the elites in Florida with no one to count on and prices for those same services skyrocket for those that stay and will do them. Oh well, you shouldn’t have counted on Ron DeSantis to solve your problems.

Story below:

Florida Republicans on Monday met with migrants to urge them not to leave the state in the wake of a new anti-immigration law that is sparking boycotts of the state.

An NPR analysis determined that the law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) “limits social services for undocumented immigrants, allocates millions more tax dollars to expand DeSantis’ migrant relocation program, invalidates driver’s licenses issued to undocumented people by other states, and requires hospitals that get Medicaid dollars to ask for a patient’s immigration status.”

On Monday, state Reps. Alina Garcia (R) and Rick Roth (R) spoke at an event advising migrants of the impacts of SB1718.

Video of the event was obtained by Thomas Kennedy of the Democratic National Committee.

“This bill is 100% supposed to scare you,” Roth told the group. “I’m a farmer, and the farmers are mad as hell. We are losing employees. They are already starting to move to Georgia and other states.”

“It’s urgent that you talk to all of your people and convince them that you have resources, state representatives, and other people that can explain the bill to you,” he continued.

Garcia said she agreed with Roth.

“This is a bill basically to scare people from coming to the state of Florida,” she insisted. “I think that it’s done its purpose. This bill really doesn’t have any teeth.”

Too bad so sad Florida. The rich bastards that all moved there will now have to go out to the fields and pick their oranges.

Source: Watch: Republicans literally beg migrants not to leave Florida over DeSantis anti-immigration law – Raw Story – Celebrating 19 Years of Independent Journalism

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