Harassment Suit Against Rudy Giuliani Full of Graphic Allegations


A New York woman says the ex-mayor sexually harassed her while she was working for him—claims he previously denied.

woman who accused Rudy Giuliani of sexual harassment has filed a 70-page complaint in New York Supreme Court that is chock full of graphic allegations and personal text messages.

Noelle Dunphy in January filed a summons—the first step in the civil legal process—in which she claimed that Giuliani hired her for “business development work” in 2019, didn’t pay her what she was promised, and then fired her in 2021. The summons alleged that the former mayor made several antisemitic and racist remarks during “confused and hostile alcohol-laced tirades,” and demanded sexual favors.

The actual lawsuit filed Monday goes into far more detail, including accusations that Giuliani forced her to have oral sex and intercourse, details of his alleged sexual preferences, and the revelation that Dunphy recorded some of their interactions. It seeks $10 million in damages.

Giuliani’s legal team did not respond to requests for comment on the new filing but in January told the Daily Beast that he “categorically denies all of the allegations of this frivolous complaint.”

Here are some of the claims in Dunphy’s new complaint:

‘Short Shorts’

Dunphy’s suit claims that Giuliani insisted she work out of his apartment instead of the office and “made clear that satisfying his sexual demands” was part of her employment. “Giuliani often demanded that she work naked, in a bikini, or in short shorts with an American flag on them that he bought for her,” the complaint states.

‘Forced’ Oral Sex

The complaint states that Giuliani also “forced” Dunphy to perform oral sex and “demanded” it while he took phone calls on speaker phone from clients and friends, including former President Donald Trump. He allegedly told Dunphy he “enjoyed engaging in this conduct while on the telephone because it made him “feel like Bill Clinton.”

‘Billions’ and BDSM

In March 2019, Giuliani allegedly told Dunphy “he fantasized about Wendy Rhoades in the popular television show Billions, stating ‘she wears all that black shit, she’s got a whip, and an electric prod,’” the suit alleges. The complaint claims that Giuliani also tried to force Dunphy to watch BDSM scenes, and allegedly began using abusive language toward Dunphy. “During sex, he called her a ‘cunt,’ a ‘bitch,’ and ‘Rudy’s slut,’ and discussed his interest in “BDSM’ with her,” the complaint states.

Fueled by Viagra

The complaint states that Giuliani “took Viagra constantly” while the two were working together, and would sometimes “point to his erect penis, and tell Dunphy that he could not do any work until ‘you take care of this.’” During the pandemic, when the two were not physically together, Giuliani would also allegedly demand Dunphy “disrobe during their work-related videoconferences.”

Sexy Texts

The complaint includes screenshots of several purported text messages between Giuliani and Dunphy. In one from February 2019, he tells her, “I am dreaming about you,” “you’re mine,” and “Nobody will ever have you now.” In another, asked to shower with her.

Source: Noelle Dunphy’s Harassment Lawsuit Against Rudy Giuliani Full of Graphic Allegations (thedailybeast.com)

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