The nation’s overall unemployment rate has dropped sharply on Biden’s watch, from 6.3% when he took office to 3.4% in January. By several measures, the economy is better for many Americans since Mr. Biden took office amid its rebound from the short but severe pandemic-driven recession of 2020. Unemployment has fallen, and job growth has been strongThe US economy shrank by 1.6% in the first three months of this year3.

Since President Biden took office, 8.3 million jobs were created and those are record-setting numbers. Biden is campaigning in a country that has lost faith in itself. Sixty-six percent of Americans believe our nation is in decline, according to a study from the Institute for Advanced StudiesBut here are some of the good things he has done: In April 2022, there were 428,000 jobs createdBiden has also made strides in the fight against COVID-19 by increasing vaccine distribution and providing economic relief to those affected by the pandemic.

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