Fake Drone Attack On Kremlin Blamed On Ukraine


Here we go with the oh my god, poor Putin survived an assassination attempt story. Of course, the attack, if you could call it that, had a camera pointed right at it and followed it around. Uh huh. Then it just narrowly missed the flagpole sitting atop the Kremlin and then suddenly it exploded with what appears to be one grenade worth of explosives. It caused no damage, and no one was hurt. But stories about it are Ukraine was involved, and they will pay, and it targeted Putin’s residence (if he lives below a flagpole OK) and it flew 500 miles and evaded all Russian radar, but somehow a camera was very well positioned at night, and just so happened to take some nice video of the attack for all to see. Talk about flying your own drone to make some flashy headlines on Drudge.

image fake drone attack on kremlin blamed on ukraine
So let me get this straight. Putin lives at the top of the dome near a flagpole? Ok, if you say so. And this is marked as an assassination attempt? How is that an assassination attempt when it hits a flagpole? But OK, Ukraine will pay and so on and so forth, and the news that people don’t like Putin will get all over the media etc. etc. yada, yada, yada…

Yes, funny how the cameras were there to record it all at 3am Moscow time.

Yes, plenty of bullshit Putin shovels. Much like his puppet Trump, they are the two worst bullshit artists the modern world has ever known.

Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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