The excuses for firing Tucker Carlson from Fox News are getting downright silly. So far, we have:

  1. He prayed at some private dinner and Rupert hates people who pray, including but not limited to, his own employees. What, you mean the head of Fox News is an atheist? He doesn’t like prayer or God or any discussion of it? And this was supposedly why Rupert called off the wedding to his fiancé?
  2. He’s a racist and uses cuss words to get his point across and called women staffers cunts. Umm, yea, this is part of what Fox News is about. From Glenn Beck to Bill O’Reilly to Sean Hannity. They are all sexist pigs, and Fox News is a locker room full of oversexed alpha males who think women should be tied up to the bed and anally screwed for shits and giggles. So, color me real skeptical that locker room talk was something that got him fired.
  3. A Lawsuit by his female producer. Well, Bill O’Reilly had the same situation happen to him, and his pinhead ass got handed to him and off he went to the dustbin of history like he’d never existed before or after Entertainment Tonight. Fuck It We’ll Do It Live!!!
  4. Glenn Beck, too much praying and religious zealotry in his history. Fired.

And the list goes on. One thing for sure is that Tucker immediately hired some expensive Hollywood lawyer to be his mouthpiece. Hollywood lawyer? You mean that liberal leaning cesspool in Hollywood is where Tucker went? Why color me blue. It’s just like the fascist Tucker to spew all that hate against the liberal Hollywood elites who are Jewish and ain’t exactly white enough, and now to go pandering to them so they can go to Rupert Murdoch, the King, begging for more money and an on-air apology which he ain’t never going to get.

Of course, Tucker went on Russian and Saudi owned Twitter and put a video up, in which he claimed that Fox will never tell the truth, but only he and he alone stood up to tell the truth about ball tannings and eating bugs and so forth, as if this is some kind of truth that Americans needed to hear more of. Oh, and he called Rupert and Fox News, the DEEP STATE, in which all of his buddies, Sean Hannity included, now work for. You see, if somehow you get fired because you’re a dumb asshole, the pastiche is to blame those who fired you for being the deep state and part of a conspiracy to silence you.

Rick Wilson from The Lincoln Project said Tucker is going to run for President in 2024 and we should all be very afraid that this will happen. Well, here’s what would happen if he ran. Tucker has about 15-18 percent of the 30 percent MAGA Trump owned base. So, if Tucker decided to throw his hat in the ring, he will surely end up slicing into Trump’s lead, thus leaving Trump with only slightly above or just below 15 percent of the core base left to vote for him. That would mean Tucker would hand the election to Joe Biden, because Trump couldn’t win without all of the base and more. So, Rick, hey buddy, it’s a good thing that Tucker would run, not a bad thing. But hey, it’s something to get all the nervous nelly liberals all scared and afraid and pouring millions of dollars into Rick Wilson and The Lincoln Projects coffers to, ya know, fight Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson has no experience running anything, not a business, and certainly not a government. He’s a mouthpiece, and not one that anyone major wants to get behind, because most of the public outside of that hillbilly trailer park crowd hated him with a passion. And they love to see him sweat after being dumped like a fat turd on the street with no goodbyes, no final shows, no nothing other than security being called, his badge being revoked, and escorted the fuck out of the building. Very humiliating for the once powerful star of Fox News to suddenly find himself tossed into the street and into a waiting taxi. No drivers, no limo to pick him up, no nothing, all alone and on his own.

Of course, he went on Russian and Saudi owned Twitter to upload a video telling people what he’s going to do, which has seen 15 million views an hour ago, and to claim that he isn’t going out easy, and he’ll be back, just wait and see, he’ll be back. Yeah sure. No one gives two fucks but a deranged base of serial killers and old farts glued to their rocking chairs with 6 shooters next to them for shooting anyone who comes to their door. That’s the Tucker base, a bunch of deranged psychos just waiting to shoot someone, anyone, and all they need is someone to ring the doorbell.

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