So, one can create a complete fake identity, complete it with false histories, fake jobs, fake college admissions and degrees, and then run for Congress and win, and as long as you are a Republican, you can get away with it with no one to hold you accountable for it.

Going from there, can we assume that there are more fake people in Congress? Could they perhaps be Russian intelligence assets using legend identities complete with fake families, fake identifications, and fake lives? It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that over the years there have been quite a bit of these fake Americans who embedded themselves in Congress, the FBI, CIA, and Law Enforcement.

Imagine what kind of power they could have established over the years in every sector of business, government and the financial markets? In the case of George Santos, he saw an opportunity and went for it, knowing full well that after Trump, accountability would be minimal. And even with a unwilling press to go along with the ruse, he wouldn’t actually have to resign from his position, despite repeated calls to do so. And Republicans would back him up all the way because they are in fact criminals and fakers themselves.

The crimes the Republicans commit are so transparent that few of their base believe what is really going on. And all they’d have to say to cover it up was that it was a liberal plot to get rid of them, and the base would buy it hook line and sinker. Add to it, with a willing FBI, DOJ and Law Enforcement (they are also compromised) everyone would look the other way until the furor died down, and in the end nothing would ever be done about it. The base would soon forget about it and the show would go on.

We all believe that this sort of thing cannot just happen without accountability. The numerous crimes Santos has committed and continues to commit would eventually be accounted for. But what if accountability doesn’t happen? Ask yourself, has Trump ever been held to account for a lifetime of crime? And if he hasn’t been, then it stands to reason that real accountability for those like Santos will never happen either. The rigged game is not really rigged in voting, the rigged game is in how easily we are bamboozled into believing everything we are told about what is real and what is fake. Up to and including fake personalities with dubious backgrounds who have received influence money from Russia/Foreign/Anonymous/Impossible to trace sources.

News is fake, seeing something with your own eyes is turned into you can’t trust your lying eyes. Hear it with your own ears, and your ears are not telling you anything other than the lie you were meant to hear. You can’t trust your eyes or your ears, and when it comes to your own mind, you can’t trust that either, because nothing you see hear or read is true. Therefore you can’t determine what is real and what is fake. You need someone above your wheelhouse to tell you how to think and act on information they give you. And if that information confirms your biases, which they know all about via data mining your information, then everything they tell you to believe in is what you end up believing in.

If there was a massacre in Bowling Green that killed 5000 people, then you believe in it even though no such thing ever existed. Vaccinations, no, they have demon blood in it, and if you take it you’ll be feeding the woke virus in your bloodstream and you will become a woke demon. The list of lies and obfuscations goes on and on until no matter what lie comes out you’ll believe it’s all a plot to do some nefarious thing. You then become paralyzed and unable to judge anything for yourself much less do anything about it.

Trump took classified documents and should be prosecuted for it? Well, Biden did too. And not only did he have classified documents which he gave back, they now found some in a private garage. Oh the horrors. Start asking questions of your own side and you’ll be attacked for using the both-sides argument.

The system is in fact rigged, and one side tells you the other side is rigging it, when in fact the side claiming it has been doing that exact same thing for far longer. Yet, when you look at it both sides are rigging the system. The system itself is meant to be two sets of books. One for the have’s, and one for the have not’s. If you, the have not, took classified documents, you’d be in jail for life no questions asked. But if you are a have and took classified documents or lied about your life or took money from Russians to get elected to office, well it’s no big deal, you’re protected, you’re one of them, the have’s, and they have a set of books that allows you to do whatever the fuck you want and get away with it. Of course if you step out of line like Madison Cawthorn did, you are toast and thrown out.

Story below:

In 2008, Bruno Simões was working as a clerk at a store called The Salt in Niterói, a city that neighbors Rio de Janeiro. One day, a 20-year-old George Santos walked in. Simões watched as Santos picked out several pieces of clothing and shoes. His total added up to $1,313—”a lot of money at the time,” Simões told me. Enough that Santos used two checks to pay for his purchase.

The clerk grew suspicious. Later, when Simões tried to verify the address listed on the checks, it didn’t match the name. A couple of days after, another man came to the store to exchange a gift from his boyfriend, a pair of sneakers Simões recognized as the ones Santos bought. That’s when Simões realized he had been scammed. “It was a gut feeling,” Simões said. “He was too nice to be true”; he was “friendly and smiling,” Simões said of Santos, “like every embezzler.” 

The son of Brazilian immigrants, Santos is now famous for his lies. Last November, he was elected as a Republican representative for New York. But, soon after, the New York Times published an exposé revealing the newcomer essentially manufactured his resumé and biography, lying about attending an elite private school, working on Wall Street, and having lost employees at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub shooting. He is also not Jewish, only “Jew-ish.” Santos is facing calls to resign from voters and from Long Island Republicans but has so far refused to do so. 

Simões hadn’t given Santos another thought until a few weeks ago, when a Brazilian reporter reached out to get a reaction after the publication of a New York Times exposé revealed the Queens-born GOP newcomer had embellished or fabricated most of his curriculum and biography. “It seemed to me like a joke that he would be elected congressman,” Simões said, adding he was less surprised about the fact that Santos was a Republican candidate. “He was visibly deceitful.”

As it turns out, Santos that day with Simões had used a checkbook belonging to a former patient of his mother, Fátima Alzira Caruso Horta Devolder, who worked as a caregiver. The elderly man, Délio da Camara da Costa Alemão, was already deceased at the time. Simões was then able to find a profile of Santos on the now-defunct social network Orkut and after exchanging messages with the congressman, Santos acknowledged having “messed up” and vowed to pay the money back. When that never happened, Simões went to the police station. In a statement given to the police in 2010, Santos’ mother said her son had used four checks that had been stolen from her purse. Santos confessed to forging the signatures on the two checks used at Simões’ store, according to documents obtained by CNN. 

“I wish him good luck because he will need it,” Simões, who had to use his own money to pay for the items Santos purchased with the fraudulent checks, said. “I was just one person who felt cheated, imagine the thousands of voters who elected him and are feeling deceived.” 

Santos’ election also caught the attention of Brazilian authorities, who had paused the fraud investigation after losing track of his whereabouts for years. In early January, Rio de Janeiro prosecutors announced they were re-opening the case and would submit a request with the US Department of Justice to notify Santos of the charges. 

On Sunday, a popular Brazilian late-night TV show called Fantástico aired a segment with new findings about Santos. The congressman reportedly used different names and nationalities—like Russian—on dating app profiles. He used variations of his name, too, including George Devolder, Anthony Devolder, and Anthony Zabrovski.

The Brazilian TV show reported that Santos splurged while living in Niterói in 2008 with his mother, who passed away in 2016, and his sister. In an interview, a woman called Adriana Damasceno claimed to have met Santos at a Bingo parlor. Damasceno said they became friends and that during a trip to the United States in 2011, he went “shopping under her name, withdrew all the money she had in the bank, and even pawned jewelry.” When asked about whether she had reported anything to authorities, Damasceno said Santos bragged about having dual citizenship—American and Brazilian—and that she felt powerless to come forward.

A pharmacist interviewed for the story—who claimed to have lived with Santos and his mother in New York—described the GOP politician as a “pathological liar.” He also claimed to be in a messaging app group titled in Portuguese “mentira tem perna curta” (which could be roughly translated to “lies have short legs”) with other people familiar with Santos who compare accounts of having been lied to. Neither the congressman nor his lawyer responded to requests for comment from the Brazilian TV show, according to the story. 


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