Yes, no one better out there that can tell us the truth lies than an overweight overused numb nut like Steve Bannon. But here we go. This week on Steve Bannon says: he tells his limited batshit crazy audience that he was told by Marjorie Taylor Greene that she got a commitment from Kevin McCarthy to open an investigation into the death of Q-Anon nut bag Ashli Babbitt, while she was trying to break down the glass partition to get through the Capitol building interior where Vice President Pence was in protective custody by his Secret Service detail during the J6 insurrection.

Yes that will surely go over well with the crazies, who consider Babbitt some type of Patriot martyr. As for any investigation of Pelosi, that won’t go anywhere either. It’s all just performative kabuki theater for Republicans, who don’t actually run for office to legislate, but instead run for office to settle scores and bog the system of government down further, which is a thing that Vladimir Putin loves dearly.

You see, these hillbilly Patriots don’t actually want any legislation by Congress. They get their kicks off of bar fights, where everyone is throwing punches and getting the shit kicked out of them. It’s all the hillbillies know. That and their crazy checks they get from the government that subsidizes their trailer trash lifestyles, which is all that they seem to care about.

If you instead pull their crazy checks from them they will go apoplectic, so that should be a thing that dems concentrate on down the road, which is getting rid of these lazy loafers on the government tit. These hillbillies need to get a job and support themselves, instead of buying meth and various other illicit substances with money from the government to get high.

Anyway, that being said, Bannon needs to get a haircut, as he looks more and more like an aged old hippie that needs to get a clean up, maybe dry shave him too. Might do him some good, you never know what a cleaned up Bannon would look like.

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