So wait a minute, I thought Herschel Walker was a Republican? So, according to “still in the closet” Lindsey Graham, he isn’t one yet, but when he DOES become a Republican, black children might all become Republicans.

Well, these “if it ain’t white it ain’t right” white folks are just pouring out the love for Herschel. Funny thing is, these whites will treat Herschel as their porch puppy if he gets elected, and Herschel will be all like: yes Master Graham, I’ll do whateva you likes Mr Graham.

Herschel doesn’t see it, but he and those like him, such as Kanye West, all have this desperate need to be accepted by the white folks that run the show. They think, and believe, that they can’t do things on their own without being all Uncle Tom up in the cabin, and or playing houseboy to the rich white elites on their plantations.

The problem with this type of sellout is that they set race relations back a hundred years by abandoning their own to serve their own greedy self interests by publicly pandering to the white slave owning plantation owners. This is why they became so rich, because they sold everyone else out to get there. And it’s on display here more than ever.

Lindsey Graham, a plantation owning stereotype, shows that he wants to own Herschel, and will do whatever it takes to do so. He’ll even claim he has one black friend when people ask. But this will not end well for Herschel, for if he gets in, that call will come, and he will have to pay the price for it. These white plantation folks don’t play around, they may be all clean and hand shakes on the TV, but the devil is behind them, and he demands a heavy price for selling your soul to them.

Oh, and another woman has come forward detailing another abortion that Herschel Walker paid for. Seems as if Herschel had a lot of baby mamas out there that all got paid a few hundred dollars to get rid of the baby and keep their mouth shut afterwards.

What, was Herschel playing the part of MANDINGO?

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