How a GOP Congress could trigger crisis after crisis


On Thursday’s edition of MSNBC’s “All In,” anchor Chris Hayes outlined the potential chaos facing America if Republicans win control of the House in November.

Hayes drew a parallel to British politics, which was thrown into turmoil this week with Conservative Prime Minister Liz Truss resigning after just six weeks in office. Effectively, said Hayes, Republicans would be trying to enact her agenda of radically restructuring government programs with spending cuts and tax cuts for the rich — but without the U.K.’s mechanisms for accountability that forced Truss to resign over public outrage.

“It’s also important for us to closely watch what’s happening in the U.K. because of the parallels here. Just listen to Donald Trump’s own economic director, on cable news of course,” said Hayes, playing a clip of Larry Kudlow praising Truss’ “terrific supply side economic growth plan.”

“The Republican caucus remains completely unwieldy, ungovernable, and after November 8th, they will likely have a vanguard of a dozen or two or maybe three genuine extremists outside the bounds of what one thought of as normal,” said Hayes. “Having a couple of dozen Marjorie Taylor Greenes. And they will have control, largely. And get this. The House Freedom Caucus, which is the caucus of the most extreme members of the Republican Party, is already preparing to welcome new members, sending candidates this 52-page guide and what to expect and how to become a member of the far right.”

The upshot, said Hayes, is that we could see massive budget fights capable of destroying the U.S. economy next year.

“Remember, when you are voting in this election and you are voting in your congressional seat, you are sort of voting for your representative, but much more, you are voting for whether the Republicans are going to control the House or not,” said Hayes. “Kevin McCarthy, is he going to run one third of the parts of the federal government? And if you vote to put the American version of the Conservative Party in power, well, they are going to — and again, I assure you — make British politics look calm. Because here’s the thing. They will have every incentive to precipitate crisis after crisis without facing the same repercussions. There will be no resignation. There will be no collapse of the government. They will just be there. And that is a recipe for doom.”


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