Raving Lunatic MTG Says Democrats Are Killing Republicans


I guess these lunatics are just playing to their base spreading lies and stupid horse shit all to play into the fear that Republicans have out there about being victimized. Because victimization is part of their game to spread fear amongst their base, what better way to stoke that fear than to make wild and baseless claims that Republicans are being murdered by dems? No one with any real brains would believe that nonsense, but then again the Republican base isn’t known for having any real brain cells that can actually determine truth from fiction.

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene declared Democrats “already started” killing Republicans. She was almost immediately criticized for spreading yet another baseless conspiracy theory.

Greene made the claim during Donald Trump’s MAGA rally in Warren, Michigan on Saturday, October 1. She referenced two local news stories to support her lie, though neither story backs the claim Republicans are being hunted down.

We’re all targets now, though for daring to push back against the regime and it doesn’t stop at a weaponized legal system.”

“I’m not going to mince words with you all. Democrats want Republicans dead. They’ve already started the killings.”

“An 18-year-old was run down by a Democrat driver who confessed to killing the teenager simply because he was a Republican.”

“Even right here in Michigan just last week an 83-year-old woman was shot in the back for advocating for the unborn.”

The first story Greene appeared to be referencing concerns an incident in North Dakota in which a man fatally struck a teenager with his SUV.

The suspect—who fled the scene of the crash— told police he believed the 18-year-old victim was “part of a Republican extremist group” and had been “threatening him,” according to The Daily Mail.

The man’s claim was quickly disputed by local authorities who told Fox News investigations “uncovered no evidence to support the claim” the killing was politically motivated.

The second story Greene referenced concerns a Michigan man of unknown political affiliation who reportedly shot an elderly pro-life volunteer who he said refused to leave his property. The man said he shot the elderly woman by “accident” after she got into a “screaming match” with his wife and was accused of trespassing.

Greene went on to criticize Democratic President Joe Biden and assured her audience Republicans “will take back our country” from imagined enemies.

“Joe Biden has declared every freedom-loving American an enemy of the state.”

“We will take back our country from the communists who have stolen it and want us to disappear.

“We will expose the unelected bureaucrats, the real enemies within, who have abused their power and have declared political warfare on the greatest president this country has ever had.”

Greene’s comments sparked anger online from critics who said she was calling for violence.



Source: https://www.comicsands.com/greene-claims-democrats-killing-republicans-2658378419.html

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