Mike Lindell Crazy Bed Bug

Bank robbers, drug dealers and kingpin criminals are rejoicing over the news. So, by Lindell’s reasoning, bank robbers, drug dealers and various criminals can now sue the government over anything related to a criminal prosecution. Just imagine how terrified law enforcement will be now that they have to live in terror over getting sued for searching and seizing items related to criminal activity? Oh my god, no one will ever be searched or seized from again just because Lindell will now set a precedent over his cellphone getting seized.

Yeah, yeah, you’re suing the FBI for seizing your cellphone. That’ll take years and years to come to a conclusion if it was a valid suit, and best outcome for this bullshit is it getting dismissed in about a year because Lindell lacks standing to sue the government over taking his cellphone during a court approved valid search warrant.

“We’re suing the United States government, I’m suing them, I’m suing the FBI and this is a fact. All the lawyers agree. Alan Dershowitz was on the call, I had every big lawyer you can think of on this call,” said Lindell.  

Dershowitz? That loser is only on Fox news as a dumb pundit. Never mind his association with Jeffrey Epstein and getting massages, he’s not even a good attorney, much less a BIG LAWYER. Of course he doesn’t mention any other BIG TIME lawyer on the call. And no lawyer would agree that the government is at fault for a valid search warrant signed by a federal judge to search and seize your cellphone based on criminal activity they are investigating.

Alan Dershowitz claimed that the search warrant at Mar a Lago was actually valid, so why then would Dersh now conclude that Mike Lindell’s search and seizure wasn’t valid?

After reading through the redacted affidavit released by the Department of Justice in connection with the warrant used in the FBI’s search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax on Friday that federal Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart did “the right thing” by issuing the warrant as there was “plenty of probable cause” included in the document.

So my reading of what Lindell said about Dersh is a “color me skeptical” thing. I kind of think that Dersh never told Lindell any such thing. Not only that, Dersh probably hasn’t seen the affidavit for the warrant at this early stage, nor has he seen any of the evidence to conclude whether that search was valid or not. Lindell of course wasn’t available to comment on any of that. And Lindell, known for his bombast and bullshit, probably never had any conversation with lawyers big time or small, and probably is just blowing hot air as is par for the course for him.

Source: https://www.wdayradionow.com/news/local-news/53893-mike-lindell-announces-lawsuit-against-fbi-following-phone-confiscation-in

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