Mastriano Advisor: God Said Prince Charles Would Murder Queen


These lunatics are everywhere. You’ve seen them through a two year pandemic, they called them Karens, Chads etc. Here, this Mastriano friend and confidant Julie Green, a so called prophet of the lunatic fringe airwaves, said that Prince Charles would Murder Queen Elizabeth. So now that the Queen is dead, I guess her prediction can gain steam in the underground fringe lunatic scene. And Doug Mastriano counts on her for advice and counsel. Oh, and, she also said Joe Biden was already dead and that Obama controls his body double.


Story below:

“Prophet” Julie Green also claimed the real Joe Biden is dead and that Obama controls his body double — Doug Mastriano’s campaign had her speak at his rally

A SELF-DECLARED PROPHET who has campaigned with, and prayed over, Pennsylvania GOP gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano purports to have received wild messages from the almighty.

Consider the case of the royal formerly known as Prince Charles, recently crowned king of England. The preacher Julie Green shared video “prophesies” earlier this year foretelling of a “major scandal” involving “Charles and the Queen’s sudden death.” Green’s claim was horrific: “From what the Lord was showing me, [Charles] will actually have his mother murdered.” 

Like any skilled fortune teller, Green kept the outlandish prediction vague and difficult to disprove. But the “prophet,” overplayed her hand. She also insisted that there would be a move of God to foil the power-hungry Charles: “He will never get that Crown he killed for.”

For Green, apocryphal predictions of regicide by the man who is now King Charles III are just the beginning. Green has also prophesied, in videos and in statements posted to her ministry website, that 2022 will be a “Year of Vengeance,” with God taking out, with his Angel of Death, major figures in U.S. government including Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, and Mitch McConnell. 

Chief Justice John Roberts, Green said, would be pilloried for plotting with sex criminals, insisting: “God is going to show exactly how he was a part of Epstein Island.” (Fact check: There is no evidence whatever that Roberts consorted with the sex-criminal Jeffrey Epstein.) “He’s going to be exposed in front of the whole world,” Green vowed. “Then he’ll be tried for treason.”

And what about President Joe Biden? According to Green, Biden is already dead. “God said he is actually not alive anymore. There is somebody else playing his part,” Green said in a February interview. This actor, she said, is being directed, via an earpiece, by Barack Obama, who has corruptly orchestrated a de facto third term.

Obama’s day of judgment will have to wait, however, “because he is the Antichrist,” Green insisted. Yet Obama’s grip on power will soon be shaken, Green explained in a separate divination, because Donald Trump “is the real president, and he is coming back. And it is going to be by the hand of Almighty God.”

Green’s “prophesies” appear in videos and interviews she posts to social media. Before YouTube pulled the plug on her account in May, she’d accumulated a following of nearly 360,000. (A YouTube account formerly affiliated with Green was “terminated for a violation of YouTube’s terms of service.”) She now posts on right-wing platforms like Rumble, Odysee, and Donald Trump’s Truth Social. 

In simpler times, such preposterous “prophesies” — comprising a sloppy hash of QAnon-syle conspiracy theories and end-times theology — could be laughed off as fever dreams from the fundamentalist fringe. But in 2022, Green commands the respect, and attention, of the GOP nominee to lead the nation’s fifth most populous state, Doug Mastriano, who believes he’s on a mission from God as he seeks to become the chief executive of Pennsylvania.

Mastriano has shared Green’s prophesies about Pennsylvania online, and posed for pictures with Green on social media. In April, she joined the candidate on a campaign stage, and in May, she was invited to lead a prayer session on his Facebook page. Green even attended Mastriano’s primary victory party. “It was anointed,” she recalled in a June interview. “Sean Feucht was there singing. It was an awesome night of the Lord, to see what God is doing in the political realm.” Neither Mastriano nor Green responded to interview requests to discuss what Green has described as a “special relationship.” 

Mastriano is tied to a religious movement called the New Apostolic Reformation, which seeks to refashion the world, biblically, to hasten the end times. Many NAR adherents are also Christian Nationalists, who believe America was divinely founded and should be governed according to the moral code of Jesus’ chosen people. 

NAR Christians believe we’re living in an age of new apostles and prophets who receive revelations directly from God. Green is an emerging star in this movement. And Mastriano is fan of her prophesies — in particular that his political bid has God’s backing — calling her divinations “on target.” 

Green was raised a preacher’s daughter, and has served as an associate pastor at her family’s Iowa church in the Quad Cities since 2013. In church, Green preaches about the end times, including what she refers to as a new exodus. (The original exodus saw Moses lead his chosen flock through the parted Red Sea, which then swamped the wicked pharaoh and his army.) The updated version also appears to include a slaughter of non-believers. 

“You’re going to see mass deaths in this Earth,” Green told her flock last December. “He’s been talking about the exodus a lot,” she said of her messages from God. “There will be people piling up in the street.… This is judgment that’s coming.” Although Christ believers will be spared this wrath, Green cautioned, “We’re not supposed to gloat over people’s deaths. When I heard this first prophetic word about the angel of death coming, I was bawling.”

Over the past two years or so, Green claims to have received the gift of divine prophecy, describing in an interview with a fellow prophet how she scribbles down messages from God in the middle of the night. She has leveraged this purported gift of the Holy Spirit to launch Julie Green Ministries International, and she records videos of the messages she’s getting from God. 

On a near daily basis, Green unspools her prophesies for a faithful audience. They include predictions both vague (“Nicaragua: I say this name again will be in your news”) and specific (“CNN will claim bankruptcy. I have told you many times that CNN will have nothing left”). To put it bluntly, Green’s prophesies are not fact checked. She prophesied earlier this year that “the Koch brothers will be exposed” and that “the angel of death will visit them both, but not before they lose everything.” In reality, one of the brothers, David, is long dead, having died, filthy rich, in 2019.

This February, Green recorded a video interview with Bo Polny — a Newport Beach, California-based investment guru who pushes gold and silver as “the only true store of wealth, because it’s God’s money.” (Green also prophesies that “God is bringing us back to the gold standard.”)

In the hourlong interview, reviewed by Rolling Stone, Green put forth her bunk prophesy about the royals, as well as dark visions about figures in U.S. politics. She insisted 2022 is the year God will dispense with political figures disfavored by the MAGA crowd. Green “revealed” that the “Lord is really, really, really getting down on these people … and he’s talking about the angel of death.” 

She then reeled through God’s alleged kill list. It includes Nancy Pelosi — “She will not last to the 2022 midterm elections,” Green predicted. “She will pass away before that.” The almighty will also target a range of politicians from both parties including Congress members Adam Schiff and Liz Cheney and Sens. Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell. “They are going to literally be cut down at the knee,” Green insisted.

Several of Green’s dark prophesies were featured in an August dispatch by Media Matters, which quoted Green’s unhinged, and seemingly Q-Anon influenced, claims that Pelosi is a “true witch” who “loves to drink the little children’s blood” and “was part of sacrificing the children to Baal.” (Followers of the Q-Anon conspiracy theory believe demonic Democrats are involved in a global child sex-trafficking and murder ring, harvesting adrenochrome from the blood of their victims to extend their own lives.)

In the February interview, Green expounded on her conspiracy “prophesy” that Biden is already dead, and has been replaced by an actor who is controlled by former President Obama, by means of an earpiece. “He is actually not alive anymore,” Green said of the 46th president. “There’s somebody else playing his part,” she added, predicting that the actor is soon going to slip up. “There’s going to be some major gaffes. He’s going to tell who he really is, he’s also going to tell that Obama is talking to him in his ear.”

But Green insisted that Obama is not going to die, however, because “he is the Antichrist.” Green believes in the rapture, a moment when many evangelical Christians expect to be delivered to heaven in advance of the great tribulation — leaving Jesus to contend with the Antichrist. “Obama is not going to die with the angel of death,” Green said. “It’s not time right now. Because … the Antichrist cannot rise up in this time, because the body of Christ” — that is to say the faithful on Earth — “is still here.”

“I Love You, Doug”

A normal politician would never associate with zealot like Green, much less embrace her and make her a face of his campaign. But Doug Mastriano is also a zealot. The Republican nominee for Pennsylvania governor is a Trump-endorsed election truther who attended the Jan. 6 insurrection and has rebuffed the Jan. 6 Committee’s power to subpoena him. He appears to be a Christian nationalist in his own right, praying in advance of Jan. 6 for God to help the MAGA insurgents “seize the power,” while invoking some of the bloodiest parts of the Old Testament. 

Green’s prophecies are not all about death and destruction. In late February, she gave a prophesy about Mastriano, then seeking the GOP nomination. “Doug Mastriano,” she said, allegedly voicing the word of God, “‘I have you here for such a time as this,’ saith the Lord. ‘I know it seemed like I had forsaken you … all the time you put forth to get to the truth in election integrity. You know the truth, and you have seen so much evidence of what really happened. It is now time to move forward with the plans you have been given. Yes, Doug, I am here with you. I will not forsake you. The time has come for their great fall and for the great steal to be overturned. So keep your faith in me.’”

By late April, Green was visiting with Mastriano and his wife at the battleground at Gettysburg, which is in the senator’s home district. That same week, Green opened for Mastriano at a far-right-wing gathering and fundraiser billed as “Patriots Arise for God Family and County.”

Onstage, Green — sporting a white suit, shoulder length brown hair, and the appearance of unshakable conviction — stood before a giant American flag and a carved wooden eagle sporting a white suit. “God is doing something very special in this state,” Green said. “This state is very important to God.” Green insisted that “the Lord hath put on my heart … to pray over future governor Doug Mastriano.”

Green repeated the “prophetic word” she said she’d heard from God about Mastriano. When she’d finished, Green turned to the candidate and said, “I love you, Doug, and your wife,” adding: “It has been such an honor and a privilege to be able to hear that word.”

Green then added another prophesy, a dark one, for the current Democratic governor. “Tom Wolfe will face a major scandal,” Green insisted, putting the alleged words of God in her mouth again. “And, yes, your governor will be removed by my hand,’ saith the Lord.” Green added: “Treason will be written on him for all eternity.” The crowd erupted in applause.

Green invoked her conspiracy theory about the “globalists” and their designs for control. “This is not the country that God wanted. He did not want … us to be the slaves unto this one-world government system.” Green then invoked Exodus and Moses and the swamping of the wicked Egyptians, drawing a modern parallel: “Israelites were just like us, right now. They were broken. They felt forsaken … They were questioning God. They were hurt. They were confused. They were in fear,” she said.

But then Green offered news of “covert operations” directed by God, insisting that God was plotting to put Trump back in power, and that doing so would inspire great faith. “I will tell you that no one in this world is going to say a man did this,” Green said of Trump’s political resurrection. “Everyone’s gonna say the creator of heaven and Earth has to still live. Because this was too impossible…. That’s God. In God, nothing is impossible!”

Finally, Green called Mastriano, his wife, and several other politicians to the stage, and she prayed over them, taking their faces, one by one, in her hands. “We thank you that every plot plan and scheme of the devil is falling right now, by the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,” she said. 

Mastriano gave Green a great bear hug, and took his turn onstage. He thanked Green for her words, invoking the Old Testament passages he and his wife, Rebbie, have studied. “Rebbie has a lot to say about the promised land scripture of course, and we’re going through Moses,” Mastriano said. “So, Julie, your prophecy is on target there. Exactly. We confirm that with our devotions.”

Mastriano then spoke about his own divine call to politics. “God called us to run for office,” he said, telling the crowd: “You get the call of God, you got to do it.” He insisted that his campaign was guided by providence. “We have the power of God with us,” Mastriano said. “We have Jesus Christ that we’re serving here. He’s guiding and directing our steps.”

Then Mastriano offered a prophesy of his own: “In November, we’re going to take our state back. My God will make it so.”


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