Well when you lose Drudge, you’ve lost it all. Trump is now relying only on his mythical base of hillbillies who are quickly tiring of his election 2020 rants and the usual bullshit of how he’s been wronged and can’t get over it. Some hillbillies say that Trump is a huge baby who can’t stand the heat and lashes out constantly at everyone, including those who would go to jail for him, which he then abandons.

When Drudge calls you demented its over, you’re now in the basket case hall of fame. As people start to see Trump come unglued in public they are seeing the reality of supporting him. If you support him you’re as likely as crazy as he is or worse. Thus that support has now dwindled to Pillow Guy Mike Lindell levels, where he is mocked for just coming out in public at all.

This is it folks, Trump on full display, a HUGE baby who spends every day whining and crying and lamenting about his past glories not being recognized, and those that wronged him (which is pretty much everyone) will have hell to pay. Here’s the thing, you can only bully people so much before you got to fight those battles on your own. When that happens bullies suddenly come out as cowards and all at once their support collapses completely while they sulk off into the shadows never to be heard from again.


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