So it begins, Bannon of course, through his attorney, is crying like a bitch and begging the court to continue to entertain his crazy nonsense.

“What’s the point of going to trial here if there are no defenses?” Schoen asked, according to The Associated Press. 

“Agreed,” the judge responded. 

Of course so far nothing medieval has happened, and as many predicted, nothing medieval can Bannon produce. It’s all just talk talk talk, and threats threats threats with Bannon. He can’t carry out any real threats, and only hopes to scare away potential jurors and even the judge with his moronic threats to get his base to start attacking those who would stand up to him.

This is all Bannon, wanting a big show trial for an easy peasy case for the DOJ to win. Of course the DOJ will win this case, as it’s too easy for them to prosecute. Bannon of course will appeal the guilty verdict and of course he will likely stay out on bail pending appeals etc etc. You know the story, these upper crust never see a day in jail, and later are pardoned for their crimes by a willing President on their team. Even if its years down the road, they know they will never do time or suffer any criminal convictions that are lasting.

And even if Bannon is convicted and sent to jail (which is what he actually wants) he will set up his war room podcast from there and likely do interviews from jail and put on various inmates from the jail to speak about their horrid conditions. It’ll be the “Orange Is The New Bannon” show, and I’m sure that Bannon will consider going to jail as a badge of honor. he’ll love it in jail of course. Three hots and a cot and no need to buy clothes, pay bills, pay for medical issues or even pay for food. It’s a win-win for Bannon if he ends up in jail, as he won’t pay a dime for it as long as he is there. We will though, the taxpayers always foot the bill for criminals like Bannon.


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