Trump Forms Deep State Shadow Government For 2024


Ok, this is the dumbest thing one can imagine, yet here it is. Trump, who ran in 2016 used the so called “deep state” narrative, and that he was fighting against a “shadow government” run by democrats who he accused of being “deep state” operatives who actually ran the country and are the true power in government. Now Trump aligns himself with the same “deep state” he claimed to his base that he fought against, and in so doing has created the very “shadow government” he accused democrats of being a part of throughout his term.

Now Trump is part of the “deep state” he railed against.

America First Policy Institute, a nonprofit led by former Trump cabinet member and World Wrestling Entertainment executive Linda McMahon, has essentially assembled a shadow government for Trump — or, potentially, any other Republican who takes the White House from Democrats in 2024. 

The fact that its run by the WWE Linda McMahon shows you exactly how chaotic this “shadow government” is now and will be later on. WWE is all about chaos, bluster and in your face arguments and debate. This is exactly what pulls in the base, as those who watched WWE since childhood know it’s all about screaming and yelling and beating your opponent in a fight that shows your manhood or man cards. It’s not a place where you will find policy wonks or people who know how to run an actual government, it’s really all about showmanship and throwing chairs and beating the living shit out of your opponents. Thus, when you see Linda McMahon involved, you know how this “shadow government” is being run and who it will appeal to.

The organization, based a short walk from the White House, is also developing policy proposals for an expected Republican-controlled House in November. The administration-in-waiting includes potential cabinet members, senior White House officials and even political appointees at federal agencies.

Political appointees from federal agencies shows you that they have a cadre of deep state operatives still leading federal agencies who will continue to subvert democracy any chance they get. Biden of course has so far been unable to weed out all these employees, and yet Linda McMahon knows exactly who they are.

Names in the early mix for possible roles should Trump make another successful White House run, according to people familiar with discussions, include: former acting director of national intelligence Ric Grenell or former national security advisor Robert O’Brien for Secretary of State; Kellyanne Conway or Brooke Rollins for chief of staff; John Ratcliffe for attorney general or secretary of Defense; Chad Wolf for Homeland Security secretary; and former National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow for Treasury secretary.

Ahh, the usual suspects and fuckups from the pervious administration. And what did we get out of them during those times? We ended up with an assault on our democracy by these lunatics on January 6th. Of course we can also thank a willing media who savored every sound bite they could get for clickbait and ad revenue to keep them afloat on every utterance out of Trump’s mouth — or every drama that happened during that administration. The media sucked it dry too, for without them Trump probably would have never won in 2016. Well, let’s hope that the media wont be on board this time.

“It appears the only people who want President Trump more than the American people, is the media who find any excuse to run stories based on rumors and gossip. President Trump loves America and remains committed to advancing his America First agenda through 2022 and beyond,” Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich said in response to a request for comment on this story. 

Oh no, spoke too soon I guess. The media is already gearing up for Trump again, despite the fact that he was the worst President this country has ever had. But that didn’t stop a greedy and willing media beast from feeding us this disaster on a 24/7 non stop choo choo train of lunacy.

While America First’s work organizing a shadow government appears premature, as Republicans won’t even start voting in presidential primaries for another year and a half, it’s intended to help Trump or another GOP candidate avoid the missteps of his first presidential transition, when the candidate and his team were caught off-guard by his victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

So, indeed, Trump has now shown that the “deep state” he railed against is something he not only agrees with, but also helps financially. But let’s keep it real, they need Trump to announce now to keep him out of jail where he belongs. So the quicker he announces, the better their chances are at keeping him from being prosecuted for his crimes against the United States.

Save America, Trump’s leadership political action committee, gave America First $1 million in June 2021, among the PAC’s biggest donations. He hosted a fundraiser for the group in November at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

It’s also a big budget operation that started with just 15 people and has now expanded to over 150 people. So this isn’t some small time operation, its huge, and democrats need to be on point about these organizations like America First, because its not America First, its America Last and Russian Interests First. We saw that with Trump in the last administration, in that if anyone got in the way, they would just start an insurrection and finish their enemies that way. America First my left foot. Was January 6th showing how they cared about America, or was it an aggressive naked power at any cost operation? It sure wasn’t America First.

The group is organized as a nonprofit research institute and isn’t required to disclose its donors. Established last year with the help of unidentified donors, it started off with 15 people and now has more than 150 people on its payroll with a current operating budget of $25 million, according to Rollins.

These people have no desire to promote America First, all they want is Russia First, Russia Russia Russia, and to hell with America. These are commie rat bastards and they need to be outed for being AGAINST AMERICA, not for it.

Rollins said that Trump was “all-in” on the group, “has been extremely supportive from day one” and that there’s an open line of communication between the nonprofit’s leadership and Trump’s team.

Yeah, Trump is all in for sure, so don’t expect America First, expect these people and this organization to be promoting Russian interests and using Russian playbooks to obtain power.

“But again, it’s so much bigger than just that relationship,” Rollins said. “It really is about the next round of governors and congressmen and senators and the new state legislatures in January of ‘23. And the new school board members that are being elected around the country.”

School board members? Wow, they sure are taking over from the ground up. This is why dems need to be focused and on point, for these types of organizations are here to destroy America, not save it.


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