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Lolita Fights Fascism With Joyful Pop in “Toda Mi Gente”

Look away from the White House and you’ll find a pop-cultural renaissance happening in the United States. Cultures are mixing joyfully, imaginations know no borders and social justice is a priority. It starts at the top, where today’s biggest artists are quick to soapbox about progressive politics; for performers like Lady Gaga and Jay-Z, doing so has even…


The definitive MLK Day playlist: songs of respect, justice, and equality

When Sly and the Family Stone released “Everyday People” at the end of 1968, it was a rallying cry after a tumultuous year of assassinations, civil unrest, and a seemingly interminable war. “We got to live together,” he sang. “I am no better and neither are you.” Throughout history, artists and songwriters have expressed a…

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